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  1. Hi. Are there any stalls still avaliable? If so could you send me some details. I make personalised gifts. Thanks
  2. Hi. Does anyone know where I can get a small barrel of strongbow from? Preferably smaller than an 11. Thanks
  3. Hi! Does anyone know if there is a pub quiz on anywhere tonight? Preferably in s6/s5. Thanks
  4. Hi! Does anyone know where I can get a cheap iPhone 5 charger cable from? I have seen them advertised an a petrol station at £4.99 but they were out of stock. Thanks
  5. I'm starting a course at Sheffield Hallam university. Can anyone tell me the cheapest parking near the university? Thanks
  6. What are the roads like in s6/5. I'm not in Sheffield at the minute but I'm coming back this afternoon.
  7. Hi. Does anyone know where's there's a pub quiz tonight! Preferable in the s6/s5 area. Thanks
  8. Does anyone know where i can get an xbox 360 cake for my son? Its his birthday in 2 weeks, Thanks
  9. This is barely worth mentioning as a potential hazard as there are around 10 other asteroids with a greater probability of hitting earth. Don't worry by the way, the percentages of any of these asteroids hitting are extremely low
  10. It's a box about 40cm3 but it's got something in so I don't think I'd need that many. Thanks everyone
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