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  1. Hi, Is there anyone that would lend me their die cutting machine for a few weeks so I can make my wedding invites? Id be really grateful! THANKS!!
  2. I think he needs a friend because I know him - I spend 14-16 hours a day with him and I know he gets lonely as I cant play with him like they could... Lets put it this way if he hasn't had the chance to play with another young dog when I go out and walk him he will cry when he gets home! or refuse to leave the park for a while. And what 'wrong' reasons are they? I do find it hard that you are judging me and my dogs situation without knowing us or without any justification - if you had given me so reasons why it is a bad idea i would listen and evaluate but you haven't and it isn't very helpful! I have been brought up in households with multiple dogs and I know to spend time with them on their own as well as together to begin with. Both dogs with have time together and time apart with me and my partner - they will both be crate trained and sleep on their own, so buster doesn't get bombarded with a puppy all the time. Buster is very well trained and very willing to please so I honestly think he would be a good role model anyway. Buster absolutely loves pups older dogs he is a bit funny with after being attacked a couple of months ago. What do you mean by older though?
  3. Hi Any one know of any pups available or due soon ish? We have a 6 month old male cockapoo who desperately needs a friend! Any information would be very helpful! Thanks
  4. Hi, My partner wants for our 3 year anniversary various drum parts (so not looking for a cheap one but obviously not wanting to spend the earth), I have got him an additional Roland symbol and I am looking to get him a PD-85 so if anyone has one for sale let me know! I am in the market. What I honestly have no idea about is what I need to look for in a drum stool for him. Would love your opinions on good ones. He plays mostly rocky/metal music which is all very fast and mostly uses a double base peddle dont know if this has an impact on what to go for Your help would be very much appreciated! Amanda x
  5. sure would love to walk together! sorry greavsy hadn't seen your post! have been away
  6. Yes they willl go and mess in the corner if it is too big, but you can create a divide so that you dont have to keep buying a new one as they grow up
  7. What were the circumstances? Just wondering interesting what the discounted for you?
  8. Im with PetPlan - more expensive than most but all vets trust them and they have a long standing and only deal with pets so their people have very specific knowledge making claiming easier, as dealing with pets is their forte But it does depend on your budget. and you need to find out if getting long term cover is possiable as you are not insuring your cat from leaving the breeders, some will say yes thats fine and then when you come to claim thats when they do all the digging in to whether they'll pay out or not sadly by then you've already paid :-) make sure you do your research
  9. http://www.only-dog-cages.co.uk/?sck=16303518 I got my two from here - VERY good quality esp. for the price and came next day. Well worth a look
  10. one of the biggest reasons people get married after such a long time is to protect the one they love in case of their death. If you aren't married and one of you dies but you have been living together things like private pensions and pensions that are owed through their work can be refused to the person left behind unless they have a marriage certificate. It just secures them financialy if they ever have to live without each other. A x
  11. Just need to find some people and dogs to spend my walks with then doesnt seem to be many where I walk
  12. Yeah I am so glad to have him out of the house! he's really enjoying himself! And is doing well off of the lead. how do you calculate how long a pup can go for a walk? Thing I didnt get is he was neutered - its just twigged. It just strikes me as weird unless he used to be a stud. Oh well I now have a funny stain on my trousers.
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