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  1. You don't need a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster to see it I think one particularly famous (ex?)-Forummer actually took part of his username from the book! "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" - the greatest work of modern philosophy - written by a complete genius StarSparkle
  2. Sounds like the Total Perspective Vortex of Zaphod Beeblebrox in "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" StarSparkle
  3. Political threads on here get pretty passionate! It's politicians who make it boring! StarSparkle
  4. I guess "Shaun of the Dead" has potentially ruined some of these apocalyptic scenarios for good now! StarSparkle
  5. Wishing you a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHITEHORSES I am SO sorry and embarrassed not to have given you my Birthday Wishes before now But I hope and trust that you had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed yourself! Wishing you a fabulous year to come, Sparkle xx
  6. Probably because the phrase is both sheer poetry and is the absolute truth StarSparkle
  7. It's certainly nothing to do with me - or anyone connected to me, I can assure you of that StarSparkle
  8. I thought Conservatives have been called Nu-Labour for the last decade or so... StarSparkle
  9. I'm not going to be watching this - my memories of the original version are too strong. I remember the original version was a very hard-hitting affair, that was really quite tough tv for the time - in fact, it was really quite shocking in its own way, quite salutory and sobering. It brought it home to people with a vengeance that there was no point in trying to survive a nuclear attack - as life for any survivors would be so nasty and brutish that no-one in their right mind would want to be a survivor. I think it had quite a large 'political with a small p' impact on people at the time - I'm not sure what it would take for something today to have a similar effect StarSparkle
  10. The power-brokers and controllers of the way the world is run. Those who pull all the strings StarSparkle
  11. Oh dear, Libertybell - that is an incredibly high-handed post. It's so arrogant and complacent and satisfied with itself that it's quite staggering. You may be an unfeeling left-wing automaton, but most people aren't. Human life is sacred, and no-one has the right to take life, and that is set in stone. But some of these violent criminals are simply evil, and should be kept well away from decent, normal people for literally the rest of their lives. They should be thankful that most people are more civilised than they are. StarSparkle
  12. Exactly so. You are either born as one of the Elite - or you are not. You cannot become one however hard you work or however clever you are. And it doesn't matter what 'job' you do - if you're having to earn your living in the first place, you are simply a wage-slave like everyone else. You are nothing more than an amoeba to the planet's Elite. They care nothing for you, you are not one of them. Don't kid yourself you're 'part of the elite' because you've got a good brain, Crayfish - it doesn't work like that. StarSparkle
  13. I am truly sorry to hear that, Liza D - I really do feel for you, and you have my heart-felt sympathy. I sympathise greatly with anyone who has had a loved one taken away from them through violent crime. It makes me very angry to think that anyone mistakenly thinks they have the right to take human life. Believe me, I have no time whatsoever for someone who deliberately commits a violent crime - I am sorry if that hasn't come over in what I've already said. Some posts have been removed from this thread as a consequence of someone else trolling, and at least a couple of my posts got caught up in that, as I made a couple of posts in response to the trolling. I think I probably made my position on violent criminals a lot clearer in those posts. So I'll say it again. I am utterly hardline on violent crime - I really can't stress this enough. I would be MUCH harder on violent criminals than the law currently is by a long way. I do not believe in the death penalty, but when the sentence of Life is handed out, then it should mean LIFE. The criminal would literally spend the rest of their life in jail, with no hope of parole, and their life would be a very basic regime. I would make sure that these people who had deliberately committed acts of evil against others, would be kept securely well away from civilised society and from decent people, so they would have no opportunity of doing evil to others again. Not receiving the death penalty would NOT be the soft option. I am no 'bleeding heart liberal', believe me. But the fact remains that no human being has the right to take the life of another - an individual does not have the right, and the State does not have the right. I apologise if I've not been clear enough in my previous posts. StarSparkle
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