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  1. Bear with me on this one.. There's a marriage for a Joseph Rippon in 1937 in Kettering to Jessie Milner. There's only 1 birth registered with the surname Rippon and mother's maiden name of Milner and that is for a daughter named Patricia A Rippon born 1942 in East Retford. The only marriage records I can find for Patricia A Rippon are all registered in Chesterfield. Maybe they moved around a lot? It's a possibility..
  2. On Ancestry, there is a death record for a Mr Craig Marshall born 1975, died in Sheffield 11th of September 2008. Could this be him?
  3. I loved Basil! Some of his posts were quite close to the knuckle!, but he made me crease. I originally joined to sponsor AgentOrange, who, back then, was known as Dickdastardly. He does alot of fundraising for charity and he told me about this forum on another forum we chatted on and I loved it here so stayed a while. I do miss those days where people were less offended by what was written on this forum. These days it seems you can't even belch without someone taking the humph and threads getting pulled because of it. All the fun has gone and it's such a shame as this was a brilliant place. I log on now and then to see what's what, but this is my first post in a very long time.
  4. Harold was my step dad. He died in 2001. Albert died in 2013.
  5. Signed.. Fingers crossed it gets published early..
  6. Oh for god's sake!! I'd say that the majority of people in South Yorkshire will eat pizza - a minority won't. I say it's better for them to aim this at the majority of people rather than the minority, don't you? A chance to save more lives? Me and my family would love a pizza, so I'll be entering..
  7. There's a big piece of lead flashing that's come off my chimney and is now stuck in the middle of our roof.. I'm hoping it blows down into the front garden and not into the street..
  8. William Henry Undy Crookes born 27 Sept 1891 in Sheffield, died 1972 in Sheffield. He's on the 1901 census as Willis.. Please let us know of any news from your search.. Good luck xx
  9. Hey Nyle.. The first part of your post suggests that William H Crookes is also Hugh and Emma's son. Am I reading that right? It's just that I've looked at the census records for Hugh and Emma and I can't see any William H Crookes on any of them. I can see the Joshua you're talking about, he was born c1881, but no William H Crookes.
  10. You'll understand where I'm coming from then, SpeedDemon. Boarding school.. Now that's an option worth thinking about. He does talk occasionally, but when I ask how his day has been etc, I usually get 'alright' as an answer, before he shuffles off into the front room and plonks himself down in front of the telly.. Kids eh.. Who's have um'..
  11. My son is 13 and going through that stage of his life where he will argue that black is white, moan about everything I do for him or say to him, ignore me, we have to near enough force him into the shower, etc etc - you get the picture.. I know this is a normal stage for youngsters to go through, but I never had any of this with my daughter at this stage of her life.. I try my hardest to ignore alot of what he does and says, but there are times where he tries to go to far and I can feel myself wanting to throttle him..(Not literally, but you know what I mean) Now, what I'm after is a bit of advice. How did you other parents cope with your young men at this age? He's sending me crazy!!
  12. Have you ever thought to contact Mr Burman about this? Or are you happy to just sit moaning on Sheffield forum about it? (Mr Burman is the head teacher for those who don't know). I know this is an old thread and the OP probably won't read this, but I still stand by my previous post in this thread as now it's my son that's attending this school and he's doing really well.
  13. There was a huge sign on the wall beside the entrance saying they were closed on boxing day. And also a billboard at the side of the entrace giving all the opening and closing times for over the christmas period. You must have been asleep that day to miss them.
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