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  1. I also used Photobucket but found that my life was running away with itself while waiting for uploads. Pop-ups and adds were driving me crazy and got fed up of being directed to some scummy gambling/porn/dating site. Like the OP I'd be interested in others experiences.
  2. But not comfortable with the anecdotal references that supports you being a multi-name user (troll)? How does that work?
  3. Become reliable as what? Back to my premise and your logic, if hundreds of anecdotes saying the same are reliable why aren't you sharing that premise? You seem to be arguing with yourself. No, you misunderstood, I was ascribing to your logic, not defending it. I agree that anecdotal references are not evidence to your guilt of being a troll. On the other hand why would anyone imitate your style over and over again? We are not privy to your IP address, should that be the case you'd be bang to rights.
  4. Why is the 'little gang' wrong? Anecdotaly they all believe you to be a multiple user name user. That isn't evidence that you are, but prescribing your own logic. It's overwhelming evidence therefore you should be ascribing to it, not arguing against it. Almost all your posts including those under other user names the same response from other users are the same, are they also anecdotaly wrong evidencially?
  5. I never said you could if "you're stupid and clumsy". Being thick doesn't stop you from aspiring no matter your capacity. Who says they don't have the physical attributes? You? me? Hello mag? or a porn DVD? I didn't single it out..the discussion is about the porn/sex industry.
  6. I know the difference between an able bodied person who is capable and one who is not. What I'm implying is who or you or I for that matter to judge on who is unattractive or not? You may be able to write into law for obvious reasons a disability because that disability is blatantly obvious. Being unattractive isn't obvious..or is it? And who quantifies that? Is there a special criteria? Honestly you tell me what unattractive is, whatever your reply the answer would be...well that's your own interpretation. I understand your logic regards amputee, dwarf, etc..But defining our looks by spending a fiver on dodgy DVD would have 99% of the worlds population down as munters, as a rule of thumb. I may not have got my own specifics spot on by I know where i'm coming from..even though you have jogged a few issues.
  7. And those additional attributes from your perspective would be? Let me guess...what a woman should be rather than what they are?
  8. Rubbish. How can you aspire if you're judged on what you were born with? You telling me unattractive people can't dance around a pole, unattractive people don't have a tush, dik, tits? The clubs are full of them, doesn't stop them dancing or pulling. What if your qualification was the same as that of another as a brain surgeon, but you found that your competition won because you were seen as a hairy minger?
  9. You can be born unattractive and aspire to a brain surgeon. Unattractive and strutting your booty as a career seems to be an aspiration a little too far.
  10. In the case put forward by your inference (job description) yes. Otherwise why not inc any woman? By splitting the criteria (ugly/pretty) you objectify. If you didn't objectify the criteria would be woman or man only.
  11. I can see you're struggling. I'll leave you to ponder a little longer.
  12. So unattractive people are not sexual?
  13. Fat, ugly or beautiful doesn't define you as a woman or a man. So that being the case what does slim and attractive (as defined by the JD) define you as other than a sexual object?
  14. So why are "fat ugly" girls not applying for pole dancing jobs? Do you think they should lose weight and have plastic surgery?
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