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  1. Not being petty. I am the one with all of the crap on the roof and crap on my washing,
  2. Is it possible to sue a neighbour who breeds pigeons, for damage and mess his birds do to my roof? These birds are known to carry a disease in their droppings (don't know what it is ) and not only does it look a mess I am concerned if any damage is being done.
  3. Are you one of the directors I am referring to ?
  4. How can the board of Barnsley B.S. and the F.S.A. class this as a merger ? The reason they are saying it is a merger and not a takeover is to avoid paying members a windfall. Why were members not given a chance to vote? I trust no member of the board will receive enhanced redundancy and pension payoffs, seeing as they were the ones who created the mess.
  5. The British fishing industry has been devastated through joining Europe. Had the same thing happened in France the ports would have been blocked.
  6. I have just watched "Tonight" on I.T.V. itv.com/tonight 54% of the people taking part in the vote wanted to withdraw from the E.U.
  7. Last year my granddaughter told me that she was sending a card to everyone in her class except one little boy. When I asked why not, she said the teacher had told them that he doesn't celebrate Christmas . I don't know whether he was a Muslim.
  8. According to The Mail on Sunday this scheme is being introduced in Oxfordshire and 80 out 82 practices have signed up for it. They will be given a target and if they meet this they will get a further bonus
  9. Read the thread we had this on about the 3rd or 4th posting. (still very funny)
  10. Very funny made me laugh (again) I must post more of this type of thread
  11. Some years ago my wife's cousin (a young fit chap age about 30 on the mines rescue team) died from hepatitis . His doctor told his family that he could have caught it off the pint glasses at his local club. Staff were hand washing them' Perhaps this is why I am so concerned?
  12. I am sick to death of after washing my hands in public toilets, only to see someone come out of the loo and walk straight out. I then have to touch the handle to open the door so no point in me washing my hands. Last week whilst visiting my local hospital, I followed one chap out who promptly then went into the cafe and sat to eat his food.
  13. Do the Scots on this site want a vote?
  14. Do we save the Scots ? or let them sink. (They want indepance)
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