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  1. ok - not the original Soulwax sadly, but sounds amazing all the same, really similar music. Loving the sound clips from the site Bring on next Sat
  2. Is this 2manyDJs?? I have jsut been checking the site - http://www.hangthedj.co.uk and the music is very similar Even has on the VJ reel the same logo with the guy with the bag over his head!!! Really could it be?? Surely they would be more than £4??
  3. Does anyone know the phone number for Affinity Bar in Campo lane? I have been trying to find it out, however no websites seem to have it on, the only one listed is a mobile number that you get no answer from! I was trying to contact them tonight - nothing seems listed under that name at Directory Enq Any help any one? S x x
  4. I went here to Marco for the first time, one week ago on a fri night and it was amazing! The service was fantastic and the food superb I couldn't fault it (and i am a moany bugger when it comes to eating out) I thought it was great. One of sheffields best!!
  5. I thought it was too till I checked on You tube - really strange, unless they changed it after a while but the epiusode i found said Acacia Road Stange eh x
  6. Sorry - think i went off topic of the thread for a bit there Here something to contribute: Q) Who lives at 29 Acacier Road Answers on a postcard please
  7. Ok - Paul McGann has to count as he was handed the role from Syvester McCoy. Both were in the Movie. Peter Cushing - no way - a bad remake of orginal Dalek stories - both stories were much better with Hartnell in. So the full order to date is William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy.Paul McGann, Christopher E and of course Davbid Tennant being number 10!! Maybe i may have remembered wrongly, but "back in the old days" I am sure that it was stated all timelords only get 12 regenerations - hense the master tried stealing the doctors on many occassions - two away from the end of the series?
  8. HHHmmm There are very few jobs that will start someone with No experiance or qualifications on a decent wage. Yet as i originally stated, if people are willing to learn and work they can very soon climb up the ladder and earn a more than decent wage. Sadly, we are regulated and paid for clients by the social services. The goverment determine how much they can pay us for clients and therefore how much we can pay staff that are jsut starting out - however we do offer free training, constant help, support and supervision to help people climb up and develope themselves. But the wage isn't my real issue, the issue is that there a large number of people that would rather sit on their backsides and moan about not being able to find work - than actually going out and getting it. Surely people would rather have the self respect to have earned whatever they have rather than que up at the post office and collect state hand outs. Now I am not banding every one here with the same brush - there are a lot of people that need their benifits and are quite entitled to them, however there are ALOT of people that could easily work but jsut can't be bothered and would rather moan and collect handouts rather than earn a living. By the way Powerage - nice signature (best track of the album)
  9. Yae - thats the one - ZEUGMA - cheers Claret, jsut couldn't think of it earlier. It is amazing - can't go too far wrong there S x
  10. There are a couple of great places up the London Road. The Noodle Inn is great food, dead cheap and lets you bring your own booze as not licensed. If meat is more your thing then jsut down from that is aa Turkish please begining with a Z - sorry name escapes me right now - Its like a huge BBq in there, loads of great meat and salad and bring your own too. I recomend both
  11. Person wanted to get two sites in Sheffield set up and running in Quickbooks. maybe 2 -3 sessions with the member of staff that will be maintaing the system. Assistance for that person to get comfirtable with the software and maybe some ongoing trouble shooting as needed One site is S10, one site is S5 PLease message with availbility and costs or any questions
  12. You are all nuts Are you jsut all driven by money and nothing else>???!!?! What about family, fun and good times. I moved from down south and yes you only need half the money to live up here that you do down south so WHY are you trying to earn the same amount!!! Surely that is jsut greedy Property up here is less than half the cost of down south - restraunts are cheaper, beer is cheaper , hell - even council tax is almost half. YOU DON'T NEED 100k - YES TO LIVE IN LONDON YOU MAY WELL DO BUT HERE LESS THAN HALF THAT IS MORE THAN PLENTY. Stop being so greedy
  13. Is this poster having a laugh???? I come from down south and if i was earning 100k there is no reason to live up here? Surely if your earning 100k then move your family down south and have a great life! Up here you have beautiful countryside and a great atmosphere, a safe environment for your family adn children!! What on earth is your problem - what a stupid post. living up here is half hte cost of living down south (seriously i moved here a year ago - property is cheaper, beer is cheaper and so is everyhting else) you don't need 100k living up here. In london yes, rent or morgage is 3 times as much and so is council tax and other costs of living, stop all your stupid driving back and forth, stop being so Bl@@dy stupid and showing off about your income and either enjoy life for what it is in Sheffield of bugger off down south and pay the stupid prices.
  14. I have eaten at many sheffield restraunts and last night I found the best one so far. Jsut off Abbeydale Road is Marco@Milano - it is the most amazing Italian ever. Have to be honest, its not the cheapest place, but if its a special occasion and your partners is worth it then book a table (you do need to book almost every night in advance - its that good) you will be blown away by the food and service - and more importantly so will your Girlfriend.
  15. Ok, I am fed up with constantly hearing on this forum statements like "I can't find a job" "No one will employ me" "I want to work and will do anything, but there is no work out there" All of these are jsut rubbish and I really believe that most of the people that are moaning are doing so casue they feel they should moan, but don't actually really want to work. We have now been advertising for staff for over 6 months and yes we have had one or two applicants, but not anywhere near the amount of people that are moaning about not being able to work. We are not necessarly looking for people with vast experiance, in fact the last few members of staff we have taken on have never worked in field before and are shaping up to be some of our best staff. We are not hiding our adverts - we are in the Job Centre, The Star on a Thursday and even the "my Sheffield Jobs" website. I have read about 10 posts today that state "I will do anyhting, i jsut want to earn and have a job" If thats true - then get off your backsides and get a job, if its not true - THEN STOP MOANING!! I have spent the last few weeks speaking with many over managers in the same field and we all face the same problem, staff shortages - decent people that are willing to learn and actually put themselves out. Yes - the thought of Care Work, may put some people off - but its not like the sterotypical work you think it is - its not all wiping bums and standing in smelly urine stinking buildings. its about taking people out, helping people and having fun. We actually offer not jsut a job, but this field can be a career progression, yes the wages aren't great when starting off (5.65 - 5.80/hour) however with training and dedication this can be dramatically increased. I employed someone 2 years ago - they worked hard, went to college (funded course - didn't cost them a penny, jsut their time) and within two years was promoted past senior and in now heading towards a deputy managers post. It can be done - so in the words of the sports shoes company - JUST DO IT.
  16. Hmmm Brings a whole new menaing to keeping your money in a Bum Bag....
  17. Afternoon I am posting as I require some help with my website. I have a site that have been running for quite a qhile now, it is actaully owned by myself and i have all the access rights. I need someone that can assist me in changing some parts of the site. I am looking for some text to be changed and the layout of some of the pages, also some of the links removed or changed. (for example - one of the pages spreads out bigger than the screen and looks a mess, if that makes sense). When I say assist I do really mean, do for me as when I have tried to make changes in the past, I normally end up wiping most of the site or casuing more problems. If anyone is able to take on work such as this then please let me know and also please give me an indication ofyour charges. Many thanks Scott
  18. I love Azzurri, not only id the food really good, but the staff are great too, loads a fun and free brandy after your meal, what more could you want!! Top food, if they got the home made venison sausages on as a special, try them - best about S x
  19. Just reading through this threead - is speed queen still going at Nylon? Someone told me that it was the first Sat in each month, is that rioght? Des that mean that this Saturday it is going on? Can anyone tell me anymore info about it? Cheers
  20. My employer has asked that I start learning how to use Quickbooks Does anyone know of a course that is ran locally or can anyone suggest anyone that does tutoring on Quickbooks Thanks
  21. Has anyone eaten at UK Mama Can you recomend it? I have a large number of family coming over very soon to the UK n am looking for a unusal place to take them too for dinner.
  22. OVer to last few months I have been starting to grow my own fruit and veg with mixed results. Have got fantastic Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Strawberres and a pepper plant all going good. I had a bit of a disaster with lettece and onion and some others, but having a great time trying it all for the first time. I am actually posting as I have patch in my garden that is deep, thick soil. It is also clay like in places, this soil is different from the resst of hte garen (think the previous person in the garden moved it in specially. The area gets very little sunlight due to its position (if any). Can anyone suggest something to plant in an area such as this please? Or if not, what could I do to change the soil type (short of digging it all up and moving it) All advice greatfully received Many thanks SCott
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