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  1. Sorry, I am not sure I understand you post! How can I be biased when I arrange all those interviews and only one person turned up?? I myself have used the site I mentioned to advertise and it is NOT cheap to do so. Any company with sense wouldn't pay the amount they ask for if the job didn't exist!! Again after a month on that site - I had very few replies, I think rather then me checking my figures I think that people should try a new mind set - when people are stuck in negative frame of mind - very little happens for them and that seems to be the problem at the moment.
  2. Ok, nice stats - however I would like to point out that yes there may well be over 200 million job seekers (and yes S6 and the rest of you) many of them are genuine - but I would hazzard a guess at around 40% at least jsut don't want to work - that makes the odds for the 600,000 jobs you talk about a whole lot better surely! Yes - there are millions on disability (and before any one starts, this is NOT a post having a moan about genuine people claiming disability) however there are alot of people that claim disability WHEN THEY SHOULDN'T - If this was stopped or regulated better then it would mean more money for those that deserve it and less money being wasted on shirkers. As for Jobs, you statement Jobs don't exist! I really do struggle to comprehend. Two examples for you now - different scales: a) mysheffieldjobs.co.uk (this is not an advert but mearly demonstrating my point) today has over 1400 yes 1400 jobs advertised on it! It is a site purely for the sheffield area and covers almost every industry. 1400 jobs!! b) since this thread has started - six people have contacted via this forum asking for work - I have arranged all six of them an interview - ONLY ONE TURNED UP, none of the others even bothered to ring to let me know - now that is jsut wasting everyones time. So for those who feel the constant need to defend their unemployed posistion, then feel free - but there are ALWAYS other options.
  3. I think your right Malky People can always find excuses etc if they want to, for example;too late, too early, not my cup of tea, I wouldn't do that for a job, too far to travel, too hard a work etc etc I have jsut been trawling and within 20 mins I have counted over 700 full time jobs advertised in different industrys - more than half of these would be willing to accept people with little or no experiance, all for work in and around the the City. But as you say, sometimes watching Jeremy Kyle in bed seems so much more appealing.
  4. The Star normally has quite a few on a Thur. Havee you looked at the website: http://www.mysheffieldjobs.co.uk They normally have stacks advertised on there - depends what kind of work you are looking for though
  5. None - becasue there is a huge demand for staff If there is no work in your sector - simple - change sector! As i have stated many a time - this industry is not necessary looking for qualified or experianced people, but people that would be looking to work and learn. People that have the ability to Care and help others - people that simply have time for others and that is pretty much all the qualifications that you need, rest is courses you can go on if need be. I have jsut looked on the main job site for sheffield - there are over 500 jobs advertised, yes some are manual work, many are in care industry, many are retail - but there are jobs out there and that is all my point was. There are jobs out there if people actually do want them.
  6. Wow Well firstly thank you Xenia, you seem to be one of the few sensible people that have actually understood the point I was making - I appreciate that. People such as many of the previous posters (xangelic to name one) only really only exaggerate my point. If you had taken the time to look, I have on several occasions posted vacancies on this site, has any one applied? I have also posted an large advert in the star a few weeks back and with the biggest job website in Sheffield (not sure if I can name the site here or not - but on the site there are STILL over 40 vacancies in this industry alone) Now let me explain what happened – I had over 60 phone calls for applications, I spent an afternoon sending out application forms, have a guess at how many I got back out of the 60? You were probably close – TWELVE, yes TWELVE out of 60. So I organised interviews for those 12, nine of the twelve managed to turn up for the interview and six of those basically admitted that they didn’t actually want the job but HAD to attend interviews to keep receiving their benefits. Now these are the people that I also find MOANING about being unemployed. I am not stupid and am fully aware that some people do have difficulties finding work, but also if people really want to work, there IS ALWAYS work out there. In the past I have packed fruit in a factory, I have cleaned public toilets, I have emptied the bins in car parks and streets – yes most of these for minimum wage at the time. My point is – there is always work of you are actually willing to work. We have not been searching for the highest quailfied people, not even the cleverest people – we have just been looking for good honest people that are willing to work and help others – the is what we do, yes its not the most glamourous of work – but I go home in the evenings quite content and happy. Surely earning a living (however small) is better than being given handouts by the state – where is the pride in that. Now to give an example, we have recently been approached my a training scheme that helps people back to work and these people are willing to earn very little while they try a job out – they still receive benefits while trying out for a few weeks and then if all is ok, they come on full time at a full time rate of pay – basically they are willing to work INITAILY for the same amount as they receive from the state, because they can see a better future, they have the foresight and pride to actually earn what they have instead of moaning! Xangelic as the previous poster said, I take pride in what I do – I know it makes others happy, the WHOLE industry is short staffed especially in Sheffield and people here are moaning that they have no work – when actually what it appears to be is that they are unwilling. And as you said, this is a forum to help others – so I am not going to lower myself to basic insults as you did in your post and I do feel that if you can grasp the concept that I am trying to get across and understand it, then an apology would be in order.
  7. There is a great shop called "the Party store" or something similar on Eccy road - jsut next door to Azzuri (the fantastic Italian) Can't find a web site for it though, but it has EVERYTHING S x
  8. That is all great news - thanks for you info. I will def talk to him again on this matter Is anyone else interested? S x
  9. Hmm, thanks - now that is a thought! Do you think that people would pay £30 a month for a parking space? Is that an average price? I guess thats only £1 a day isn't it for all day parking - not bad at all I guess
  10. This is jsut for a little bit of information. I am trying to persude my employer to "let" 3 or 4 of the spaces in our car park. It is jsut off Eccy road 2 mins from the Robert Winston Uni building. He asked me to find out if there would be any interest as he doesn't think that there would be. So - would there be interest in a parking place in that area that you knew was yours everyday?? If so, roughly how much does anyone think would be an acceptable charge on a monthly basis lets say? All advice welcome
  11. We ate there at lunch time today. The place looks great - so much better than its old run down look. THe menu however (IMO) was pretty standard - not that that is a problem, untill you look at the prices. I have no problem paying for something good - but their mega burger was £11. Yes that was not a mistype £11! FOR A BURGER Remember this is a pub in the student area of town, how many of them can (or would) pay £11 for a burger. We ordered and the food took over half an hour, there was only 2 other tables eating and they had theirs! We only order snack type affairs and when they came along, they were ok, some of the dips were a little suspect (serious Cheese dip should NEVER look like that). but over all we felt that it was really not worth the money, especially when you have places like Yankees and Sams just a few steps away.
  12. The only issuse I have with Minimum wage is that why should a 20 year old get so much less than a 22 year old. Its even worse for people even younger. We employ people from 17 upwards and everyone does the same job for the same money - companies that pay people the lower minimum rate are jsut greedy. For example I know of people that have applied for jobs and been told (at 22 ) they are too old as the shop wanted to save that extra £1.20 per hour - how tight is that for a high street chain!!?
  13. Morning, Last weekend up at the Supermarket, someone kindly opened their car door into mine and left a straight dent down my door. Sadly I was in the shop at the time and came back to find it like this - with NO note or anything, they must have known that they did it, sadly some people have no manners! There is no paint damage, jsut a dent about 7 inches long where the door has been pushed in. I am sure that someone could prob push it back out and make it look good (prob from inside or something), can anyone suggest a decent garage or panel benders to help us out (cheap would be ace as payday is a long way off). Thanks very mcuh S x
  14. I don't have anyone that can do it this time round. My friend that normally does it is also away sadly. Do you mean like a stranger, or pet service? is that exensive? Also how can you be sure of the type of people that will be coming into my house while i am away?
  15. I have to go away for a few days and for the first time ever I have to put my beloved cat into a hotel for the weekend (not really looking forward to it) Can anyonw recomend a good one? Have noticed one near bole hill view rd and one in Ecclesfield - but are they any good? Or are there better ones around?
  16. Hi ya Wow - this thread could turn into a huge disagreement regarding the best areas of sheffield. My thoughts - I love north Sheffield, Loxley - Bradfield, Outibridge and even (parts of) stocksbridge, some lvoely quiet country pubs, some amazing views over the fields and Damms and right on the boarder of the peaks - all that and only 15 mins to city centre - what more could you want???
  17. Personally, i think that the sellers should't shout what htey are selling. Everyone by now knows what the big issuse is - what it looks like and where it can b e brought. I get mine from a great guy down waitrose every week, there is no shouting, he jsut says hello and smiles at everyone - this is my prefered approach to be honest - an open and friendly sales person will always get me, what ever they are selling S xx
  18. I would do a charity strip for sure Not convinced it would rasise any money mind you - but may bring obesity to the for front of peoples minds S xx
  19. Hi ya There is a place (not sure of the name) on Eccy Road, right near the start of it - jsut along from 282 sandwich bar (best sandwiches in town for sure - sorry that wasn't a plug, am jsut a fan) it is next door but one to Uncle Sams Dinner - stundent discount, walk in appointments, seriously attractive staff - I mean they have it all S x
  20. My My, how can i resist you It ABBA baby - get up and dance - let it all hang free Its ABBA - if you don't wanna dance then don't go, ABBA is all about having a good time - to all the Mardy wotsits, stay at home and listen to the CD S x x
  21. I remember having a CB radio - back in the day. It was great fun adn the only way to keep in touch - they weree the days (late nights under my duvet, chatting all ngiht to my friends tryinng to be quiet so my mum didnt hear) That was before MSN, Skype, facebook and the like - I mean now a days, even my mobile phone has MSN and skype for free on it - Why would you use something that can only connect such a short distance, when i can chat via skype to my friend on other side of hte world for free from my mobile!! It would be like playing Astroid on a BBC computer in the year 2008 and thinking it was the latest invention
  22. There is a night down Carbrook hall coming up really soon Can't quite remember when it is but was in tehre at the weekend and they had some big posters up advertising it. Sorry can't be more specific with details, but had a pint or two two many x x
  23. ok - Good point - both of them a little slushy - too much wine already tonight x x
  24. or how about: I don’t remember the day you bought me into this world. I don’t remember your joy at my first smile, Or your anxiety at my first scraped knee. I don’t remember you working your fingers to the bone, Just to keep me in clothing and well-fed. I don’t remember you crying after my first day of school That curious mixture of sorrow and pride at seeing my independence. I don’t remember the times you fought in secret Not to show me the pain in your life That natural amnesia of the child mind. I wasn’t there to see you cry after leaving me at uni, Or the times when you did not hear from me for weeks, Worried that something had befallen your eldest Mere months after I had flown the nest. But you have always been there hidden in my shadow, A constant presence to protect and nurture Asking nothing in return just content to see me happy, So here I tell you all that thank yous have been left unsaid. I know at times I have appeared ungrateful and thrown your losses back in your face, But I never meant the harsh words I uttered Spoken in anger and in haste. Words cannot say how I love you Mum And just how much I owe, Please know that I’ll always be there for you too, In the high times and the low.
  25. It is hard to find the words to say How much you mean to me, But if it wasn’t for your love and care I don’t know where I’d be. You put up with my eccentricities And strange habits, You let me dance my own dance And you looked after my rabbits. You take me where I need to go And welcome all my friends, And though I sometimes make mistakes Your kindness never ends. This is for letting you know How loved you really are, But there are not enough hours in the day Not enough by far. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t fit the bill There’s so much more to say, But I want you to know that I’m grateful Each and every day.
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