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  1. Hello all We are looking to have a big family Christmas - and for the first time in ages get everyone together. However this means that there is going to prob be over 20 people at least and none of us have a house big enough for that. Does anyone know of a hall or maybe a large holiday home that could be rented on Christmas day so that we can still cook ourselves etc but have plenty of space for everyone to come and have a lovely day. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Many thanks S x
  2. Thanks for all your messages and posts - you forumer's are great Think i got it being sorted out now Cheers
  3. Good afternoon all I was wondering if anyone knows of a sound studio or someone that is good at cleaning up recordings I have a mp3 file that is a conversation, however it also has a lot of air noise and other interferance, crackles and pops on the record and I would like this cleaning up Does anyone know of anywher or anyone that does this? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know of a Wheelie Bin cleaning service in S35 (Wharncliffe) I heard rumours that there was an existing service, I've been told people have seen a blue van that does it - but no one seems to know the name of the company or anyone that has the service? Strange eh! Anyway Does anyone know of a service like this is this area Thanks
  5. We are am dismantling an old greenhouse next weekend, the wood is all rotton, but the glass panels are all fine. Anyone is welcome to come and remove as much glass as they would like free of charge, most of it is held in with nails or old putty so shuoldn't take much to gently remove them. If your interested then mail me back, I am in S35 Thanks S x
  6. I am looking for a Restaurant that is a little bit different to take some family to at the end of the month. I was hoping to go to Wasabisabi, for the teppanyaki - sadly they are full up on the night in question So we are looking for somewhere else that is a little different, a little special. Has anyone got any suggestions - it doesn't have to be Japanesse food, we like almost everything and are open to all sorts of new places. So any suggestions would be welcome Thanks S x
  7. I heard today that the bus lanes in Hillsbrough have now been cancelled and that you can drive straight through again past the back entrance to Morrisons right up to Legends etc and the same the other way, is this true does anyone know or is someone winding me up?
  8. I am trying to find out any information on Penistone Firework display Apprantly it is next Saturday, does anyone know where, do we need tickets in advance and if so, where can we get them from many thanks
  9. Why is everyone complaining? Surely its simple - Don't be so tight and park in a private car park - then you won't get clamped!!!! It's like being outraged casue you were caught comitting a crime
  10. We are looking for a mini bus with Wheel chair access to take some elderly client to the coast for a day. Does anyone know where we could hire one from cheaply Thanks S x
  11. If your about Middlewood road way, then pop to Aladins Cave opp the KFC, they have a great selection and are miles cheaper than PC world and the like. The guy in there is very helpful and will suggest the best thing for you
  12. Hello I am after a little advice here. I have a very large Weeping Willow and a Magnolia tree in my garden. The Willow is getting very thick and dense and needs thinning out (I think this is the right term) The Magnolia tree is jsut getting juge and taking over the bottom of the garden (it is pink flowers and looks lovely thought) This also needs cutting back or thinning out somehow. ANy advice or recomendations of someone that could help, or is it pretty simple to do yourself Thanks S x
  13. Post moved to free stuff
  14. I got caught speeding the other week at the Outibridge end of Langett Road. I admitted it to the Police and they have given me an option of either £60 and three points or taking a speed awareness course (costing £70) and if I pass there will be no points. They state it is a four hour course - has anyone else done this course before? What does it consist of? Also it doesn't state what happens if you fail! Can anyone shed any light on this for me Cheers
  15. Hello there I know that it states to look at the first page for lists of Car Boots (and I have done that) however I would like to ask where people think the biggest and best one is over the Easter weekend? Maybe the Bank Holiday Monday.] Any Ideas? Thanks SnS x
  16. I work in a care home especially for people with different forms of Dementia, we would be happy to help in any way or talk about this with you Just PM us if interested Thanks
  17. We are having a 100th Birthday party in May for one of the clients in our Care Home and are looking for a band or singer to perform. A lookalike tribute would be superb, someone in the vein of maybe Buddy Holly or early beatles. Any suggestions or recomendations are welcome to help make this party one to remember. It would be an afternoon party so the act would play at around 2pm ish but can be flexiable with time. Majority of people watching would in between 75 and 95, so suitable recomendations for that age group would be superb. Many thanks Scott
  18. I run a small care establishment over in Broomhall S10 I currently use Quickbooks for all invoicing/billing accounts etc I( am looking for some one that can help me run my payroll completly through Quickbooks. We would pay for someone to come help set it up and train us in it - and possiably a little ongoing support if needed. Is there anyone that currently uses this system? Thanks Scott
  19. So - The big question is: In which year was Sheffield Wednesday FC Founded? Can anyone help so that I can get my ticket? S x
  20. Hi ya I am jsut past Grenoside - near Outibridge side. S x
  21. I am having to leave my lovely cat for a few days in Feb - I have prevously used a Cat Hotel but I don't think that she (my cat) was overly impressed and as this is only for a few days I am considering a pet sitting service. Someone to pop over twice a day and feed her, play with her a little and maybe change litter etc if it is needed. However the thought of this is also quite scary! Can anyone recomend a good service? What kind of things should I be looking for in a company? I would like to actually meet the person and not have the job passed between several staff (I don't know if this is how these things work or if people that do this generally work alone). It is a great deal of trust involved (in a potenail stranger) and I guess that is what puts me off a little. I am in S35 - any advice or suggestions would be welcome S x
  22. There is an amazing butchers in Stocksbridge Sorry but am not sure of the name, but it is opp to Co-op and has a yellow sign. Other option is Rodneys Butchers in Sharrowvale has jsut reopened and have found them in the past to be amazing T x
  23. I did something similar to this many years ago I went off to a home in India that catered purely for children with Polio People said similar things to me - "why should we pay for your holiday" etc I can assure everyone - it was nothing like a holiday. I spent six months living like a local, washing in a bucket, sleeping on the floor and making the most of every little thing that came our way. The experiace changed me life completely - I came back and had such a different view of the world that everything (even my job and career changed). So to all you skeptics out there - dig deep and help out a good cause. I worked liked crazy to rasie fund for my trip all those years agoandd anything i could do to help then please let me know S x
  24. Well said sir! A man after my own heart - I couldn't have phrased that better myself. People jsut need to stop moaning, turn off daytime tv, get off their backsides and find something constructive to do with their day Top post Go4it xx
  25. Hey, well done - if only more people were like you Kokombi, you were prepared to work and kept trying and found a place that you enjoy and that has a future. See, it is out there people, you jsut got to get up and go find it. To MrsMcbeth - I can believe that no one commented on the jobs that you linked to, becasue quite often even if its handed to them on a plate, people don't want it. That has been my point all along. I can jsut hear the excuses now "I don't want to work with animals", "why should I help others, no ones helped me". Its sad but the excuses are the same over and over again - people need to change their view points and be more like the previous poster.
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