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  1. Hi there all Am hoping someone knows someone that can help. My mother in law is 62 and here heating has just broken down. N power said that Friday is soonest appointment Ready want to get her heating back on tonight, does anyone know of any emergency plumbers in the local area, she is up just off prince of Wales road? Hope someone can help or recommend, please reply or pm and will give you my number Cheers Karen
  2. Hmm, well it depends what you are after. Personally I would suggest going to one of two places - either la Luna in crospool ( a fantastic italian, a little a la carte) or artisan also in crospool. On a wed night they are both bring your own wine, so it would be really nice if you dropped off a bottle of bubbly before the date and could be getting cold ready for arrival (and saves a few quid) you can have a great dinner and the florist in crospool is very accommodating if you also would like flowers dropping off at the restraunt before you arrive. Hope that you have a good Night x x
  3. We recently had the pleasure of eating at La Dolce in Crospool It is an amazing experiance, the service and food were jsut superb I was wondering if anyone could recomend some other BYO places in sheffield for us to try Where is considered the best??
  4. Certainly are you a pannel beater or do you just want to laugh at my misfortune? I don't mind either way as long as I know x x:)
  5. So.. Being in Idiot I left my hand brake off on the drive way and lo and behold about 30 mins later while sitting on my Sofa I heard an almighty crash as my car rolled back into the garage door! Ok Ok laughter over - There is no way I can afford a new garage door, however these are made of thin steel and therefore could a decent Car Pannel beater make it look alot better than it does as at the moment it has a Rover shaped dent near the bottom? If the answer is yes they could, then does any one know a really good pannel beater??
  6. The petrol station at Crosspool had them in the other night Got me-self some ham and pickle ones and beef n mustard Don't see these around much and had not had them for ages so picked some up and I have to argee they are good crisps
  7. Yes I agree, meat is meant to be eaten - it is meant to be freash and nothing tastesd better than a lamb steak or a mature aberdeen angus sirloin - halal is all about how it is killed and stored - and if you believe all that and how it is really kepy (and if you see the delivery vans that I see) then you would advoid it if you can xx
  8. and yes people may say @ahh but that is not right, that is in humane (etc etc) but at the end of the day normally you will find that these are the same people that will eat KFC and Battery farmed chickens etc xx
  9. Before you decide if you are eating halal meat or not, there is only one question - Is it tasty? Does it matter how it is killed or what is put upon it? I am sure if videos were avail of the KFC kitchens then no one would eat there either, if you watch Hells Kitchen (or any other cookery show) you will see that people handle your meat and move it around the plate etc. So the main thing is to forget what you are eating and decide if it tastes nice or not x x
  10. Hello all, Not sure if this thread is in the right area, (sorry if not) We are a small Care Home in S10 and we need some help with networking two computers and a printer together. We wopuld like both computers to beable to access the same files and both print to the same printer. Is this possible? Can any one recomend someone to help with this. many thanks Scott
  11. Thanks for all your replies and Thanks very much to Chumley - top forum'er, great job Massive help it was much appreciated S x
  12. HEllo I am after help with editing a track, I am looking to change it from 1.40 mins to about 42 secs. Large chuck taking out and eding moved. Does anyone know where I can go or someone that could help with this editing Thanks SCott
  13. Hello all Has anyone eaten at the new Indian that is at Meadow Retail Park? The opp side of road from Carbrook Hall Pub. I think it is pretty new and am considering going with a few people tomorrow so wondered what people thought of it? Has anyone been? S xx
  14. We would be very interested in Joining a club also or attending different tasting nights Send me some info would be great for us both to come along Cheers Scott
  15. Thanks I will look that up. I know you can't go round pinching them, but will ask some farmers if I see any ploughing fields Cheers D x
  16. Good morning I am not sure if this is in the right section (sorry if not) I am after some of the stones that people use to build drystone walls around the countryside. Does anyone know where I can get some? I know you can't jsut help yourself from walls, but what if there stones on the floor in a field on a public walk way, can these be collected up or do I need to buy some from somewhere Thanks S x
  17. Hi ya I am on the same diet - I have been doing it about 3 weeks now and have lost weight. I have the shake in morning, snack and fruit mid morning and then bar for lunch and another bit of fruit. I then have one of those Chocolate snack bars about 3 ish. Make sure you drink lots of water that helps feel a little full - about 2 liters a day is recomended. Then I have evening meal about 6.30 latest The first few days were hardest as body adjsuted to the different and less food. I did have the odd little slice a cold chicken (not the processed stuff in packs but plain dry chicken) cheating a little I know but if your that hungry its not good (thats what I think anyway) Takes a while for body to adjsut to new routine - now 3 weeks in I am a lot better. I have lost 9 pound over 3 weeks by way so does work
  18. Hello All We are from a Care Home in S10 and looking for different entertainers to come for an hour or so and entertain the clients. We have had all sorts in the past from Animal Magicians to Western Singers and X Factor contestants right through to "sing along" shows and "Walks Through Old Time Sheffield" - normally we have entertainment from about 2pm for an hour or 2 We are looking for some new people to come and entertain the clients here If you sing or can entertain or know someone that does then please contact us via this site or ring on 01142 669669 Many thanks Scott
  19. I am sorry if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't sure where to pop it. We are a care home in S10 and the Clients and staff here would like to have a "Cowboy" afternoon in the new year - maybe jan or Feb So we are looking for a country and western singer that can come and perform? Does anyone know of any one that does all the oldies such as Johnny cash, Don Williams, Dolly Parton etc A recomendation would be great many thanks
  20. Hello all I was jsut after a little advice really, does anyone know how long after putting weed killer down I can plant in the soil? I have a patch that I wish to use for fruit and or veg but not so long back I covered it in weed killer (not the brightest idea I know but I did it all the same) to save weeding it - what should I do now, if I mix in more soil and leave it till the new year will it be ok to grow in? Thanks S x
  21. Ah thanks for all your suggestions - I am on to Newspapers now and jsut so I know what day is Barnsley Market? Many thanks
  22. Hello all We are a care home in Broomhall looking for old pictures of Sheffield I know there are some picture sites such as picturesheffield.com However we are looking for somewhere that sells big versions of this type of picture of Sheffield from the 50s and 60s nice big pictures in frames- similar to the kind they have in all the Weatherspoon pubs - does any one know of such a shop? Many thanks S x
  23. No - jsut eat there occasionally It is good pub grub
  24. Hi ya There is a great pub in Wharncliffe (S35) The Blue Ball, whose food is great, there is also a mexican type place in Outibridge (Julios is the name) nice enough but we thought a little expensive for what you got. Also if you fancy indian then Jinnah in Eccesfield is your best bet Hope that helps If you end up in the Blue Ball, mines a glass of red S x
  25. May be a little cheeky - but does anyone have any vouchers for Vision Express - someone told me that they had sent £50 vouchers out to exissiting customers and I am after some new glasses so wondered if any one had a voucher that they didn't need. Just thought I would try me luck S x
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