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  1. Does anyone know of somewhere in Sheffield that hire's pub/picnic benches? I am looking for somewhere local as everywhere I have found so far is too far away and charge a fortune for delivery Thanks
  2. hello Does anyone know of a seller for the "body boost" diet in Sheffield. I found one online but they wanted my card details to take monthly payments from rather than me setting up a standing order or using PayPal, I didn't feel comfortable as that felt a little out of my control security wise. I am looking to sign up to a package but would like either someone that accepts cash or a standing order. Please don't comment on the merit or bad points of the diet itself I am just looking for a local seller Thanks
  3. Ok, just a quick question for mods or someone in the know, Where is the correct area on this site to advertise a caravan for rent Thanks
  4. Ok, so this may have been answered already, but i can't find it on here, so what has happened to Harrios on Middlewood road. Drive by the other day and it was shut down with windows etc missing!!!!!
  5. The question has to be asked why did they apply in the first place if they are not interested, surely that is just wasting people's time.
  6. Ok, I am not sure why you feel that you have to try and question my motives? I was really just looking for an answer to my question, but seeing as you feel the need to make your own assumptions - yes I am looking for a new church community. A small group of likeminded people, is that a bad thing? I don't think so, is it a topic for you to speculate on? I don't think so either, so can we please stick to the original topic rather than wild speculation and gossip about posts. Thanks to people that have been helpful with posts and PM's on this topic. I do really appreciate it.
  7. Well that was a really helpful answer to the question I posted, thanks. Don't know why I didn't think of that! Oh hold on I did think of that but as I said in my post, there are only a small handful of us so I was looking for somewhere really small and intimate. Not as ours is a large local church, which is lovely for a regular service but we would be lost on our own. But thanks all the same for your helpful comments.
  8. Evening all Just wondered does anyone know which is the smallest church in Sheffield that is still open and having services. Ideally North Sheffield really, we are looking to arrange a christening, however there are not many of us, so we would look a little lost in some churches, so we're looking for somewhere really intimate. Any ideas
  9. Does anyone know of any Charity's or organisations that accept Baby clothes, or does the local hospitals still take them in? We have a huge amount of clothes (well a large black sack full) of everything from vests, sleep suits, shifts and coats for boys from 5lb up to 9lb. They are all in decent condition and not really looking for anything in return for them, however we really wanted them to go to someone who could really use them, not someone that was just going to take them to a boot fair and re sell them etc. Anyone got any ideas
  10. Does anyone know where I can get two tickets together for tonight's performance of this show? We really want to see it and it is the last night tonight The website is not showing any 2 seats together left so was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere else that may sell tickets All the best
  11. Hello. I would recommend Sharon and mark from "Im paw tant friends" ( sorry that may not be the best spelling of it). She is great and has often helped me out with my pet. Lovely couple, both love animals. Call them on 07766302492 am sure that they will help if they can. Fully insured etc
  12. I am after a plumber in S35 to remove a bathroom and cap off the pipes etc Can any one give any recommendations for the area Thanks
  13. Hello all I wondered if anyone could help I was wondering if any one knew of somewhere that you could hire or borrow Market Stall style "tent" (I am sure that tents is not the right word but I mean the kind of basic metal frame and covering that is used on the Moor Market stalls- not the indoor markets, the ones on the street) I hope that makes sense and that someone can advise All the best
  14. Hello we are trying to find someone that we have lost contact with He went under the name of "Andy Guide" and used to do Slide show talks all over Sheffield on different topics such as "Trams to Busses" and "Views of the Peaks" etc Sadly we have lost his phone number and not knowing his real name he is a little harder to track down Any suggestions would be great
  15. Hello I was wondering if anyone knew of any Flamenco Dancers and or musicians available in the Sheffield area for hire. We are looking for something for a small event and wondered if anyone had any suggestions One, Two or 3 Dancers would be ideal with all the costumes and music Let us know All the best
  16. Ok, (long time reader, but rare poster) This is an easy one for us having tried most of the curry places around!! There are some popular ones that I don't rate: Akbar's - The big one on the way to Rotherham (meadow bank road) lovely setting, lovely flavour, but the chicken has always been "pulled" "Bitty" chicken and not as good meat as it could be. (lovely naan breads though). We used to like Jinnah at Eccesfield - but since the name change we have not found it so good! Rajiputs on the other hand at Commonside - this is a fantastic meal, BYO as well and one of the best value for money Currys in Sheffield for certain. However - the very best has got to be "Jewel" near Carbrook. This is the best tasting curry, the best service and by far the best overall Indian experience in Sheffield. They can not do too much for each customer, each and every person leaves there feeling like the meal was created just for them and this is one place that I would never hesitate to recommend - yes it is not the cheapest place in town, however it is worth every singe penny. It is for us a special occasion curry house, but it makes the occasion special
  17. Hello all We are trying to get in touch with someone we used to know The names are Jack and Sue Walton Used to live at Southney Green and about 2 years back moved to Manor Arena If anyone knows them, either send us a PM or ask them to contact Scott and Karen from their old work Many thanks in advance
  18. Hello All I know I posted this a few months ago, but have run into difficulties with the places I have looked so far I am looking for a good pub with a large garden for an event in a few weeks The problem I have run into so far is that places I have looked, the gardens are either too small or owned by the council (and dealing with the council to get permissions for anything is difficult) Any recommendations are more than welcome Many thanks
  19. Thanks to all you forumers - some great ideas there to work with Cheers
  20. Hello all Just wondered if anyone can help Am looking for a pub with either a very large beer garden 40 meters long or a pub with a private field directly behind the beer garden Sounds like a very strange request maybe but looking for somewhere to organise a private event in the near future Anyone got any suggestions, it does not matter where abouts in Sheffield it is Many thanks for any suggestions in advance S x
  21. Does anyone know of a decent (and reasonable priced) mobile valet service for S35 Live Just past Outibridge and have a car that needs cleaning before I sell it, however I have no insurance as I have transferred it to my new car Any suggestions welcome
  22. Hope someone can help me I am looking for some local bands to perform, mainly tribute acts of bands from the 50's or 60's Can be groups or individuals Can anyone recommend any local talent
  23. Hello all After some advice here if anyone can help I have a Deal or No Deal Fruit Machine - A large pub type I put it on here but had it removed as I don't have a licence to sell them I had the same problem with Ebay, it was removed as you now apprantly need a selling licence to flog them I have tried the amusment supplies place in Walkley but with no joy I really could do with it gone as I need the space (and could do with some cash for it) However I am having no luck with being able to display it for sale anywhere Any advice welcome
  24. Does anyone know where you can change or what you can do with Inidan rupees I have checked with my bank and travel money exchanges and they all say that they don't change them I only have about 3000 (which is not a lot in English money) But wondered if htere was anyhting I can do with them over here Cheers
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