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  1. Any venue that leaves food on a hot plate will be bad. Everything drys and shrivels up. But even served to order food is pre cooked so there's still a chance it will be minging
  2. Travellers in Chap just near motorway roundabout.
  3. Try Hillsborough Arena with DJ Rob (listen to him on Sheffieldlive Tuesday 11pm-1am
  4. Like an business person protects their business interests, the working person protects their terms and conditions. That of which the Business person and the unions on behalf of the workers have negotiated. How can an the government demand an over 50% vote turn out when only 30blob turned out for a general election? And a government has a dam sight more powers than a union.
  5. I can never find a real ale that tastes nice. They all give me that queezy feeling in the stomach. Then they make me feel very unwell on leaving. I need not explain further. So there's nothing wrong with good old John Smiths
  6. Get yourself to Wick at Both ends or bungalows and Bears in Town and ask for DJ Andy Smith. All on vinyl. Cracking retro DJ.
  7. You'l need a big rig to do the concert hall at Woodseats WMC as it's a massive room, otherwise it will sound tinny. This guy (a mate of mine) has got the kind of kit to fill that hall with sound https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004899902857
  8. So your son wasted his time getting them off youtube and putting them to cd for you?
  9. Lee, stop winding Mick up you bad lad. Audio quality alone then its obvious the original studio recording tops all the retail formats it ends up on to the general public. Vinyl has the nostalgic appeal that the old school djs will obviously push as that's what the nights about. We are all old enough to understand the joy of vinyl from looking at he artwork of an album to feeling that you have something physical with the black gold in your hand. Playing cds and mp3s may be a lot better audio quality but they are a lot more clinical and don't have the same wow factor. Vinyl nights may be full of DJ snobbery, but the gigs are advertised as vinyl so if you want tip top audio quality, why even go to a vinyl gig to critises. It's like deliberately eating nuts with a nut allergy. If you don't like vinyl, then leave it to those that do. With regards to DJ's looking for inspiration for playlists. I don't care if the dj is vinyl, cd or laptop. They all go looking on DJ forums and Youtube for inspiration. Any vinyl djs don't play there records in the house unless they are practising a set. Most of the records are 40 years old and the djs will mainly only play them at gigs. Any dj into NS will still personally listen to CD, MP3 and Youtube for there own personal entertainment. Just cause the talk the talk don't mean they walk it too lol.
  10. Hi Bessmag Afraid Gas Club already has a well established soul night. ---------- Post added 23-02-2015 at 00:24 ---------- Anyone out there who has a separate function room with a wooden dance floor that's either in the city centre or near the tram route?
  11. thanks for the offer but you're a little out side of the area I want.
  12. Hi there, I'm wanting to put on a Northern Soul & Motown gig for a few souly friends of about anything from 20 to 70 people. Are there any pubs/clubs out there in NW Sheffield (Hillsborough or close to) with a free, small to moderate sized function room (separate to the rest of the pub) that has a wooden or at least a sprung dance floor which is talc friendly and that doesn't already hold soul events? Many thanks to any positive responses received. DJ Stu
  13. Give me a call I'm 2 mins away from Bradfield Karaoke and disco available
  14. After not paying everyone, you may have to pray the mortgage company doesn't chuck out and the utilities don't cut you off. They may respond and say, "you haven't a prayer mate"
  15. Why didn't they just keep busses on langsett road with the tram, and leave Penistone Rd alone for heavy traffic?
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