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  1. I dont really know yet i viewed it today and didn't think about that.. but i dont think so but i would prefer to pay just monthly through direct debit.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm gonna be moving into a 1 bed townhouse really soon and was wondering what the average rates are for things like Water, gas, electric. thanks for any answers.
  3. Can anyone please tell me. I've recently started a job at northern general and i have my staff badge, will it be free to cath the H1 hospital bus to get to northern general because i usually have been paying for the bus but now i have my badge i heard a rumour that i can catch it for free with my badge. is this info correct? thanks for your answers.
  4. Thanks very much for your answers much appreciated
  5. Hi everybody, I live in sheffield and i just wondered if anyone knows how to cancel housing benefit because i'm starting work soon, and i'll need to cancel it. there are no telephone numbers for anything these days, everything is online but ive even searched online and can't find anything about it. Thanks for your answers.
  6. Thankyou very much for your answers. much appreciated. thanks again.
  7. Can anyone tell me how much a week ticket is just for sheffield on first buses please?
  8. Hi i'm thinking of trying to apply for a job doing clinical support work at the northern general hospital, does anyone do it and what do you do on a day to day basis, also is it really hard work and do you work in teams or on your own? Thanks for any answers.
  9. Is there a post strike is sheffield right now, its just that ive had no post for a few days which is unusual. also ive been looking at some stuff on ebay and i dont want to buy anything if theres a strike on. Thanks for any answers.
  10. Theres a dog show in sheffield on sunday the 13 september at LOCAL Four Greens Centre 43 Southey Avenue Longley Sheffield It doesnt state the time does anyone know what time it will be ?
  11. can anyone recommend a really good nightclub in sheffield city centre. i need a big nightclub that has different rooms like one for dance music and one for R&B . i heard that niche is good, but then i heard other rumours say its bad . i really need a good night club with dance and R&B rooms and also could you tell me a price. I want to go next saturday with my friends.
  12. We just bought a nintendo wii today, never used one before, never even seen one working, but we think its absolutly amazing, we really love it, have you got one what do you think of it and can you reccomend any great games. we got wii sports and wii fit with it and they're great but any comments on the wii , do you like it and what would you reccomend.
  13. Does anyone know what they are gonna build on the old five arches pub site now that they've flattened it ?
  14. we've just made it back home on the 53 from bolsover to sheffield it took 1hr 5mins. it wasn't so bad apart from drunk people on bus and fighting with driver and driver fighting with passengers (arguing) lol and the trees attacking the bus cos it was a double decker and also the roads are terrible. we got off in sheffield feeling like we'd been on a rally course and was glad to get off. Thankyou to EVERYBODY who participated in my question. lol lol lol. all of your comments were really funny and helpful at the same time.
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