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  1. Brian was my favourite ever.. so funny! Science was pretty hilarious at times. Not watched it since series 6 - the contestants just got far too irritating.
  2. I love mexican.. where about you opening? Do you have a menu yet? Anything like Thomasina Miers street food would be aces :-) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Mexican-Food-Simple-Thomasina-Miers/dp/0340994975
  3. If you're interesting in joining Sheffield Steel Rollergirls contact us on our facebook pages or email us at info@sheffieldsteelrollergirls.co.uk. We can advise where best to shop for skates and protection
  4. Speaking of oil cleansers - I swear by Burts Bees Orange Essence cleanser. Also a big fan of Benefit, especially Bad Gal Lash mascara. Love Urban decay eye shadows and Max Factors retractable eye pencil. I like Ruby and Millie, their packaging is usually really innovative and easy to use. I'd also recommend Lauren Lukes make up videos on YouTube (Panacea81).. she's so down to earth
  5. I spoke to BE and they tweaked my noise to *something* ratio and eeeked half a meg extra out of the line but its still not much above 5mb. They seemed clueless about what effect ADSL2+ would have, if any... very helpful. NOT!
  6. I'm with BE in woodseats, apparently off the sharrow exchange though, and only ever get 4mb. I see when I check my exchange info that ADSL2+ is due end of March 2010, will I suddenly see my speeds increasing? I used to have virgin media cable broadband at my old house, at 10mb.. so 4mb is painfully slow :-( Please tell me things will get better!
  7. Canadian clover honey or tasmainian leatherwood honey - aMAZING on thick white toast with proper butter :-)
  8. I've spent a few days there and had my wallet nicked while I was surfing the net (I should have paid more attention to the warning signs they had up). Alot of people seem to have trouble there.. its bad for pick pocketing but I'm sure most big cities are.. It hasn't put me off.. I'd love to go back but I'd be alot more careful this time.
  9. Its a bit of a crap position but I still love it for a quick informal sushi fix. Just a shame they put it out at meadowhall when they could have had somewhere in town away from gawping shoppers. I still prefer Wasabisabi.. but I love the novelty value of the conveyor belt and the pretty coloured plates :-)
  10. As soon as I can come up with a better option that 9-5 office boredom I'll be quitting.. I just havent found the right alternative yet, I'm sure it'll come to me at some point tho.
  11. I've been going 12 years and it just keeps getting better every year. The sheer amount of bands, comedy, circus, craft workshops, scuptures and general time and effort put into the festival is phenominal. Its the most breathtaking sight to see the whole site from one of the higher viewpoints at sunset... and the spontaneous mexican wave style cheering that ripples round the site on the first night gives it an atmosphere like nothing else as you can feel the anticipation of the fun to come from every person on site. Its magical
  12. I've had my cards defrauded twice now, both times the bank put the money back within days, no hassle whatsoever. I'm really suprised you've had trouble with it.
  13. You're having a laugh! I was at yOSushi friday nite and the fish was perfect.. definitely not too thin. Grub Lover I'd be really suprised if you werent in some way connected with Sakushi, all your posts point that way. I've been to Wasabisabi, yO!Sushi and Sakushi, I think there's room for them all, there's no need to diss the competition! yOSushi's sushi tasted amazing, was maybe a little badly rolled sometimes but I guess they've got new chefs and it'll take a while for them to get everything perfect. I love how the kitchen is all completely open and you can amuse yourself watching the chefs at work. Wasabisabi is still the best in Sheffield at the moment, but yOSushi is a fun place for a sushi fix when you're at Hell.
  14. I despair.. why do we have to bribe people to do what they should already be doing.. soon we'll have to pay people to do anything requiring any effort.
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