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  1. Who were the greatest heavyweight boxers in your opinion? I think Ali would've beaten them all. And Jack Dempsey was the hardest pound for pound heavyweight puncher, as far as single blows are concerned.
  2. What's your favorite lyrics from a song?
  3. contact the help center from Hp and they will help you.
  4. yes it's almost possible, just try to copy all files you need to a dvd or memory stick and download drivers for xp for all devices .
  5. be ready to download all drivers for video card, webcam, etc.. for xp before downgrading to xp. good luck.
  6. better buy another better pc than upgrading the old - the best tip! good luck!
  7. put the cd in the refrigerator for 2 hours then wash it with hot water then put it for 30 minutes at the sun light and try again! it should work! good luck.
  8. after u will found something that will make windows xp to look like vista u will change your opinion and will remove it. don't it.
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