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  1. Im looking for a tailor who could take-up a few pairs of jeans and a polo shirt. Iv heard of one near orchard square, just wondering if there was anymore in the city center at a competative price?
  2. cheers for all the help everyone my sons a good lad he was just a bit shook up that sum junky **** gave him some lip and tryed to get money out of him, the issue has now been resolved and i dont think that the junky in question will be bothering people for a while! cheers
  3. just got in from work to see my 13 year old extremely upset at some "tramps" who gave him lip at the Cathedral tram stop. He says they asked him for some change and when he said no they began to take the **** out of him. Anyone else know of any junky types in the town centre? specificly the cathedral? he described one as a small white male, short black hair and bad skin ??? any help is appreciated
  4. my son is looking at a job in the army, anyone know where the recruitment centre is?? would be a great help x
  5. aright! does anyone here know of any Dj clubs for complete begginers? I am looking to start Djing but I dont have the money to buy the equipment! anyone know of a place I can go to gain a further knowledge of this hobby? I would prefer something near the city centre cheers k
  6. libraries tend to be good for that sort of thing.
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