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  1. Yes he did,a couple of years ago.It was known a the Sarcens Head years ago.
  2. No I didn't Tony until we got talking.I have one daughter Gaynor,5 grandkids not all hers second marriage,one great granddaughter 10 months old.I'll ask our Debs if she remembers you. Can't recall Cath,but I'm 72 now so could be a big difference in ages.
  3. Yes she is Tony,hope your both well give my love to Jenine.
  4. My Dad was Spike Hepplestone cousin to Herbert Rudge they were partners,Can remember Pete Gill and the others.Also took pigeons to the railway station for them.
  5. Don't know Bygum,saw Betty's sister Iris a few weeks ago and never thought to ask.My sister Mary was a good friend of hers.Can't place Susan but know the name. Tony did you marry Jeanine? She's ok doesn't get about very well but apart from that she's fine.And you have the advantage on me who are you.
  6. That must have been Alan,his sister kept the Alexander pub he was the only lad in the family. Think it was a car crash,got to be 40 odd years ago now,i left Grimesthorpe in 72 and i was still there when it happened.
  7. My youngest sister. Last time i saw her she was in a wheelchair Jane,i knew your Dad had passed away nice man.
  8. Definitely not late 60s i stood on the hill that was the brick yard must have been early 60s.
  9. To me and Tony Driver you will always be Bugsy,that's how we knew you at the Central.
  10. I lived on Hunsley St,not been on here for ages think i may have to return.Know Tony Pinder and the rest of those names.My maiden name was Hepplestone and lived a 42.
  11. Remember your dad Jane didn't he work on the buses,not seen your Aunt Pat for a long time.I lived on Hunsley St so knew family.
  12. Bothamlad,the family name was Walshaw,there was Barbara,Tony,Derek,Vicky who passed away 3/4 years ago and the youngest Kevin. Hi Jean hope your well,last time i saw Pat she was in a wheelchair but that was a few years ago now.
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