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  1. Property Offered Area: Woodhouse village Type of Property: Flat Number of Bedrooms:2/3 Landlord: (Council Any other information: My flat has a modern kitchen and bathroom, large living room with laminated floor and I have recently decorated, 2nd pregnancy reason for move Property Wanted Area: S 12, 13, 14, 20 Type of Property: House Number of Bedrooms: 2/3 Landlord: (Council / HA) Any other information: Would consider ground floor flat if it has a garden
  3. Property Offered Area: Halfway Type of Property: Flat Number of Bedrooms: One Landlord: Sheffield City Council Any other information: I have a large upper floor flat that i am looking to exchange, I have only been there 5 mths but due to end of relationship need to relocate. Property Wanted Area:Gleadless, Walkley, Hillsbough, Basegreen, Type of Property: Flat (pref Upper) Number of Bedrooms:1/2 Landlord: (Council / HA) Any other information I dont mind the state of the flat, and will consider any location except manor, arbourthorne and S20
  4. Me and some of my family members have had windows replaced by Brian at Class Windows, and have had no problems, they were great, even cleaned up their mess, id highly recommend them ,
  5. My friend is a qualified pole dance instructor and is mobile as well if you are interested pm me and i'll pass on your contact details
  6. you are really starting to get on my ****, if you have so much to say should get yourself your own thread all about you , ill show the thread to BTB and as he deserves the right to reply,
  7. He already has done a slot a couple of years ago, all of you make me laugh, but more so you make him laugh, the more you insult him the more he provokes,, bring it on , but dont get personal because he talks about people who are paid to get slated, he doesnt deserve personal insults
  8. Like to see you try that one, who do you think you are a BBC reject you certainly live up to your name, for your information he does not sit alone, and you would not have to worry about the stewards manhandling you he would kick your arse all by himself xxx Numpty
  9. thanks for the advise , i have a representative and some proof , this person has actually disclosed some comments i actually made in response to hers, however she has failed to disclose this thats why they are some truth in whats been written ,yet she fails to show her own comments or actions.. i feel that its just gunna be a case of he said she said etc etc, very very scared at min
  10. HI I have been called to a discplinary meeting because another staff member as made a statement that i have said unprofessional things about others at work, however most of what they have written is untrue or been my words twisted, i can also prove some of the statement is false, however im really scared of the outcome as it will go down to who they believe me or them, my only ray of hope is the person making the statements is also attending the meeting , making it look like the company want to resolve is issue, however i still cant help being scared that im out of a job
  11. You are entitled to your opinion i suppose ..pity you are 'spouting rubbish'
  12. I'll think you will find that Brian the Blade is neither an embarrassment nor was he a second rate footballer, and as for being unrespected , he his one of the most respected men ive ever known .... it is obvious from your comments that you are a 'Bitter Has-been' or should I say 'Never been'.... unlike Brian the Blade who's still in demand as a team manager/coach in his 60's
  13. I believe that Brian the blade has quite a lot of intelect and knowledge about the game, afterall , he has been a successful cup winning player and manager over the years, built a successful company and he has managed to get all the praise & Grumble listeners in a lather oh and hes even managed to get a whole page dedicated to him on facebook, not really the acts of a 'stupid' man is it???????
  14. I am currently completing my level 1 in football coaching and I would like to offer my services in order to gain some more unpaid/paid experience. I have a upto date enhanced CRB and can provide excellent references to my capabilities and character. Pls contact me Bradyn Rogers 07956897564 after 5pm
  15. I was a regular at Roxys went from the early 80's to the 90's , most of my best memories are of nights there, and i have lost my dignity there many a time, one particluar time in the old phone booth they used to have at bottom of stairs nr doors, but shame prevents me from sayin anymore lol I remember that the toilets used to be good , cus u could leave a fella outside one entrance and go out the other one and find another , ohh the drinks £1 a pint = pint of lager & black or snake bite
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