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  1. Snow boots found in Ski and snow @ Dronfield. Unit 2 willow house, 4 Stubley Hollow, Dronfield, S18 1PA T: 01246 292 010 E: info@sportabilityuk.co.uk Black blue or pink £17.99 cheers
  2. Hi there. Has anyone found children's snow boots in Sheffield at all? Tried Decathalon, etc all out. Cheers in advance
  3. My god! I didn't expect such venom. I'm staggered at the responses here. When my boss reported the incident to the police they mentioned that this wasn't the first report of a similar incident and handbags had been stolen on previous incidents. My boss did get out of his car to help give directions to people he thought were in trouble due to the weather. For anyone who cares the event happened on the way to Wales village and other report the policeman said took place in Rotherham.
  4. Hi there (Weather permitting) I'm hoping to lime my 2 year old raised beds with a view to manuring it round about March. Is this a good idea or am I too late? Cheers in advance Mesen
  5. Hi be warned. Over Christmas my boss was pulled over and asked for directions. He gladly obliged and got out of his car leaving the door unlocked. My boss walked over to the scammers car and gladly pointed out directions on a huge road map which was conveniently covering the scammers windscreen, meanwhile another passenger in the scammers car sneaked out and rifled through my bosses car. Luckily nothing was stolen but when reported to the police it seems it's not the first time this has happened. I don't have clear information but thought a post on this site might be useful. I hope it doesn't put people off being kind to each other - especially at this time of year when the roads are so awful and people are getting into all kinds of difficulties. Just be careful everyone. It may be innocent but better safe than sorry. Cheers Happy New Year to you all. Sorry for the scare mesen
  6. Brilliant many many thanks I'll get in touch with him now. Thanks again memesen
  7. HI there Can anyone recommend a deep tissue massage therapist who specialises in trigger point therapy? Thanks in advance Me mesen
  8. Hi I'm thinking of holding a 5th birthday at Monkey biz @ centertainment. Any recommendations or comments welcome? Has anyone been? I usually do Easy tigers but we're getting a bit bored with that although it's brilliant. Birthday is in January so must be indoors. Cheers mesen
  9. Hi I'm searching for an expert in trigger point injections for chronic neck pain . Has anyone used one/recommend anyone in Sheffield. I've tried EVERYTHING else, from meditation to morphine and everything in between. Any advice? thanks in advance
  10. Ahh fantastic cheers Leo. I'd better get looking for courses then Thanks I really appreciate it. Outdoors here I come mesen
  11. Hi everyone I'm completely new to this gardening thing but the bug has well and truly bitten. I'm thinking I'd like hands on work in gardening and horticulture, but haven't a clue where to start. Does anyone know what qualifications might be worth me attaining to work outdoors? I love digging and planting but haven't any interest in garden design as such. Sorry it's a bit vague. thanks in advance
  12. Hi Solomon Sudden onset - most likely accumulative ie bad posture, stress and yes computers all day for 20 years. Pain clinic don't know if its muscular, nerve or joint pain. MRI scan and Xray only revealed 'wear and tear'. Tried EVERYTHING. Pain is searing and any relief would be a blessing however short lived. Found a chap in Reading but would cost all my life savings and a real pain to get to.
  13. Hi I've been treated for chronic neck pain for over 2 years to absolutely no avail. MRI scans Xrays etc you name it I've tried it. I'm looking into botox injections for temporary relief. Can anyone recommend a practioner in Sheffield - the nearest I've found is Birmingham. Has anyone tried botox for pain relief? All info gratefully received
  14. Hi everyone. I'm after all and any advice on caring for my terminally ill mother in law who is just about to move into a flat of her own to be closer to us in Totley. (From Nottingham) Are there any social groups or free transport to take her around so she can have a little more independence? She's 67. Any advice is welcome. Care tips, coffee clubs, etc Many thanks in advance mesen
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