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  1. Hiya, Chris and I will be coming. Thanks :-)
  2. Do you want a repeat of the paintballing injury you got last time you went? ;-)
  3. 10th and 17th best for me. Although would prefer 10th. Can't do 24th I'm afraid. Sounds good!
  4. Diana and Chris for Tuesday please. Thanks.
  5. Hello everyone, I've created this thread on the Forum so everyone can let us know what music they might like at the SFBC Ball in August. We've arranged a DJ and he's asked that you let us know what kinds of things you'd like playing- so there should be music that everyone will like at some point in the evening! Also if there's anything you absolutely, definitely, simply must have played on the night, if you could bring a copy along to the Ball for the DJ, that'd be ace! To start you off I'd like There's no other way by Blur, really anything by Blur, bit of Stevie Wonder and got to have a bit of cheese from Abba So let's have your requests....
  6. Hi Jaap, Can you take me off the list please? I can't make it tonight. Cheers Diana
  7. On August 15th, SFBC will host a masquerade ball for all members* at the Dam House Restaurant, Crookes Valley Park and you are cordially invited to attend. Tickets are available for just £15*, which will include a sumptuous two course dinner, plus an evening of entertainment, dancing and revellry with your SFBC friends! There will also be a raffle based on your ticket number, and a prize for the best mask on the night TICKETS ON SALE NOW!!!! available from your social secretaries, Chris Maloney and Diana Papaioannou, at SFBC badminton sessions. Menu options Starter: Soup of the day (v) or salmon roulade stuffed with lemon and dill, with brown bread and butter and caper oil or garlic and chilli mushrooms on toasted bread with soft poached egg and crispy bacon Main course: Stuffed chicken breast with spinach and mushrooms wrapped in smoked bacon with a fondant potato, cherry tomato and thyme jus or T-bone steak, home made chips, onion rings, dressed rocket and peppercorn sauce or Roasted butternut squash and goats cheese strudel, with sauteed green beans and red pepper sauce (v) (Please make your menu choices before buying your ticket) See you there! The SFBC committee *Guests are welcome. *We will accept a 50% deposit for tickets, although we ask that you have fully paid for your ticket by July 21st. Dress code: Gents, shirt and tie, ladies, dress to impress. All must wear a mask!!
  8. Can you put Nic down for Tuesday please? (Signing her in cos she's got no internet connection at mo) Cheers.
  9. Diana & Chris for 7th April please. Thanks
  10. Kris Kristoferson and Diana Dors for next week (Theme=filmstars?!)
  11. Laura-of course your sister can come, the more the merrier I say! Quynh - we will just have to arrange another one sometime! xx
  12. Last call for the Girls night! Am calling BBs on Monday 9th to let them know definite numbers so let me know by then please! Ta, Diana
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