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  1. Pretend you're happy when you're blue It isn't very hard to do The world is mine it could be yours my friend So why don't you pretend
  2. I am trying to make contact with the chap mentioned above as it is very important. Last known whereabouts was in the ecclesall area. If anyone knows him could you please private mail me. If he is a little dubious about this tell him I am a great friend of his sister
  3. I am doing both sides of my family tree, but on this thread I want to concentrate on my dads side. My father was called Ronald Buckley.Born 27th December 1922. His parents were:- George Henry Buckley Annie Buckley formally Needham The only things I have at present is my dads birth and death certs. From the birth cert it says they lived on Fowler St in Pitsmoor, but by the time I came along they had moved to Woodside Lane at the top of Rugby St. I would be very grateful of any help with this as I am still learning and quiet green on these things. Thankyou chunkfunky
  4. As a young girl I went to a place in Pitsmoor called the Helen Wilson Settlement it was a playcentre for youngsters and enjoyed it very much so I recall. As I got older and moved from that area I went to Meynell Rd youth club.
  5. Redfyre, thanks for your help once again,will get back to you later on this. Just wanted to acknowledge that i am still keeping up with this
  6. Hi duffems,redfyre hills lad, i know its a long time since I talked to you all but i have been rather busy and trying to get as many certs as poss before i got back to you. I now have my grans B/C and D/C, also her marriage lines. I have also my grandfathers B/C and D/C I also have my G G Grandfather/Mothers marriage lines from birmingham. I now know his name was John Snell and her name was Mary Ann Brown it also tells me both fathers names Isacc Snell and Charles Brown. the only thing the marriage lines tell me about the ages of John and Mary are age fuul. Does that mean that they were 21 0r over, im lost again. One question if any of you can answer it. If i wrote back to birmingham and asked for said B/C on these people on cert number??they sent me , could they find out D.O.B and D/C for me. Thanks in anticipation of your help once more chunkyfunky
  7. Duffems, You mention a George Nelson born 1893 , can you find him on the 1901 cencus as a 7/8yr old boy? is it possible to find out who his parents were and in what part of Sheffield he came from (if at all) thankyou
  8. Hi Hugh, I dont know anything about George Nelson, where or when he was born even. My grandmother is burried at City Rd cemetry but i do not know with whom she is buried along side. I had 1 sister and 2 brothers who died 2 before i was born and 1 after and i asume they are at City Rd, maybe in the same grave but dont know for sure.
  9. hughw my mothers married name was buckley,her husband was called ronald, he came off woodside lane, they got divorced when i was young, they both remarried.my mother then became nichols,married to him forever he was a lovely dad.5 yrs or so after he died mam met and married a man called fred godhard and 23 months after that she died. Uncle walt died 2nd december 1991, Aunt Jean died 17th March 1992, and my mom died on the 11th April 1992, a complete family gone in the space of 4 months and are still missed.
  10. hello hillsbro and Hugh. My gran died when i was about 11 yrs old, she was around 87 when she died i think, i went to burngreave school then so that would make it 1956/7.they were clearing houses from round there then, slum clearence they said. my gran bought a house on monmouth st and we had the one she bought on fox st until that was compulsory puchased.
  11. Hi Redfyre, yes i believe she does, i remember as a child my gran said to mam that if she had money to spare after gran died don't waste it on flowers put it on our feet( my brothers and myself) instead. I will continue to search into this. B/C in the near future and hopefully have an answer to my questions
  12. hi everyone, just been catching up with this thread,the birthdates you have mean nothing to me. my mother's birthday was Feb 7th and was born 1923.(Gertrude Nelson) My uncle Walter Nelson was born 11th Feb 1927.I have seen the marriage lines that verify this date, and my aunt jean was born around december, but i am struggling to find any of her offsprings According to the marriage lines of my aunt and uncle Walts father was called GEORGE NELSON his occupation is down as being a BLACKSMITHS STRIKER, and thats all i know but i will try and get my mothers birth cert in the near future. thank you all for your help I thought it would be so straight forward, but there are so many twists and turns, I start thinking that it makes sense and then i'm dealt with some thing else that doesn't make sense.
  13. popt instead of lookong for a george w nelson for me, would you see if you can find a john nelson marrying a beatrice brooks(es) for me. going round in circles here
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