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  1. Thanks Mike. I'll try that too :-)
  2. Thanks very much for sending that link, Lillean :-). That's really helpful. Unfortunately a lot of these organisations seem to have lost their funding, so Bridge no longer helps learning disabled people unless they can pay for the help themselves. And voluntary organisations are definitely not interested in taking on learning disabled volunteers - believe me, we've tried! But we'll definitely give Connexions a go and maybe Sheffield Futures too. My daughter's still in full-time education at the moment, but I'm trying to think ahead so that we're as prepared as possible.
  3. Hi there. Does anyone have experience of supporting a mildly learning disabled teenager from school into employment? I'm at a loss as to how my daughter will fare when she leaves education and there doesn't seem to be much support out there. She would theoretically be perfectly capable of doing basic shopwork, for example - shelf-filling, cleaning, serving customers etc (although not money-handling). But I really don't think she'd be able to get a job like that unless it was part of some sort of supported employment arrangement. I read that there is a "Workstep" team in Sheffield City Council that helps to support such arrangements, but it is subject to a DEA assessment... Does anyone have any experience of that? Looking forward to hearing your advice...
  4. Bolehill

    Free - chipped enamel bath

    Yep, chipped enamel baths have been a bit slow this month It's still here if you're interested. Can you collect from Crookes?
  5. Want a pond in your allotment? How about a steel bath with chipped enamel - perfect! Free to anyone who can collect from Crookes.
  6. Bolehill

    Cat sitting how many trips a day?

    I don't think anyone has been spreading rumours. There's no need to be so aggressive. I simply couldn't find any contact details for Critter Sitters, either in my paper copies of Yellow Pages / Thompson's or online, so I assumed they had stopped trading.
  7. Bolehill

    Cat sitting how many trips a day?

    True, but having someone you don't know living in your house is not for everyone (e.g. me!).
  8. Bolehill

    Cat sitting how many trips a day?

    Hello Teeny. Do you cover Crookes? Or can you recommend anyone who does? I'm looking for cat feeding twice a day for 3 weeks. I used to regularly see the Critter Sitters van parked up by the park but they seem to have closed their business...
  9. Bolehill

    'Prestige' builders - any good?

    Thanx numero. Actually, I'm Sheffield based, which would probably not improve their time-keeping!
  10. Has anyone used the Doncaster-based 'Prestige' building firm before? Are they good, reliable etc?
  11. Thanks guys - I've got someone booked now.
  12. Thanks ghostrider - do you have contact details? I can't seem to find him via Google...
  13. Can anyone recommend a good DJ for a children's party next month? I'm looking for someone who can organise a few dancing games / competitions as well as just play music. Also someone who understands why explicit songs and jokes involving sexual innuendo would not be suitable for 11 year olds. Thanx.

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