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  1. Hi we are looking for new members to join our fishing club we have 4/5 places left total for the club is 24 members its £20 a month by direct debit or standing order all payout and a weekend away is included in this. Pay out is top 7 and 3 section If interested please ring me on 07456019190 jason or you can message me on Facebook mosbrough miners angling or visit in the club on a friday night from 8 o'clock tight lines regards
  2. Ians fishing tackle shop on prince of wales is a rip off . con man
  3. does anyone know when diawa tournament pro super msg pole was first out on sale has I cant remember how old my pole is thanks
  4. its not closed but up for sale we had a match on there the other week and we got another coming up which we was talking about cancelling because the fishing up there is crap the weights what are coming out are all under 20lb iv heard there have lost a lot of fish but don't know how true it is
  5. it happened out side my house it was on the bend just above the pub and tip a old couple was trying to overtake a bus goin down towards the bridge when it hit a learner car head on and the car followin the learner driver went in to the both looked bad
  6. if its warm enough try cat meat (chunks in gravy) i used it all the time when i fished kjs
  7. i use to fish kjs all the time a few yrs ago i was addicted to first canal but heard hes had a leak on it and had to move alot ov fish has he got it sorted yet we have three matchs coming up on kjs this yr one on westpines,big carp lake,and westend
  8. thanks spanky u have to use there pellets dont u
  9. iv got a match at aston (stable pond) aweek this saturday never fished this pond whats it fishing like and whats best bait to use for carp and what method
  10. u can buy a secondhand box phone them up and give them the numbers off the box and its all done
  11. I'm fishing on a match at barlow on saturday first time iv fished this pond can anyone give me sum tips on what bait to use wanting carp
  12. `log cabin no longer there got set on fire
  13. iv got a match on saturday at barlow on the first pond anyone know what best baits to use as i never fished they before
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