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  1. I became a complete nutter most of the time, the slightest thing and i kicked off, don't think i've been able to salvage my reputation, i'm not very well liked by my partners work mates and i hate it.
  2. 2011 and i'm still a non smoker.....but take care... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1373983/Father-murdered-family-quitting-smoking-medication-caused-depression.html
  3. The sickness is a common side effect but does pass, only to be replaced with constant hunger!!
  4. He really isn't the talking type. I think he will storm off and never speak to me again, because he will be extremely embarassed. He's 52 by the way.
  5. Unlike poppypoppy son, my brother takes coins which are lying around. He does it sneakily so i wouldn't notice. But i have this time. He wouldn't dare steal from shops, he too much of a coward and amature
  6. It's not your fault, same as it's not mine. Why do we have to lock/hide things away from our own family. It is a really difficult situation to be in. Unless it's happened to you, i don't thing anyone knows how awkward it is to deal with.
  7. I love this one! You are so right, what can he say?
  8. We have a giant coke bottle money box in our lounge. everyone in the house puts their change in it. Pennys, fives, tens, etc. No big coins. The bottle was a 1/4 of the way from being full, when we noticed it was going down. I know it's not my son as he has his own money and also puts change in the bottle. My brother was always the "money thief" when we were all growing up. He has been out of work for many years and never has any cash. We always take him for a couple of pints at the weekend and i got into the habit of giving him a few quid to buy some booze for himself. A few weeks back when we first noticed it going down, i put a 5p coin under the bottle on the floor and dropped a 50p inside the bottle which landed more or less in the middle. My brother had been up my place yesterday as i left him a home made pie. ( Thats another thing. I usually make extra so he can take one home). We went to put some money in the bottle last night, and again it has gone down. I noticed i couldn't see the 50p and the 5p had gone, so i know the bottle has been tipped up. I want him to know that i know that it's him, but it is difficult to say as he will throw a strop, deny it, then ignore me and my family for ever. What would you do? I'm gutted, as i feel we do a lot for him.
  9. I've asked this question before, but now theres a few newbies, i'll ask again. My partner stopped the same time as me with Champix. It's been 16 months now. But my partner has suffered insomnia since taking Champix and still suffers now. I've suggested going to the doctor, but that is a big no! Anyone else suffered insomnia? What do you do?
  10. Makes me realise how awful it must have been for my son when i used to kiss him goodnight, stinking of fags, and.. er.. red wine.
  11. Well done. I find it very difficult to sit near a smoker now. The smell of smoke just doesn't go away. It seems to stick to the lining of my nose and i have to change my clothes as soon as possible.I thought i would be an understanding ex-smoker, but i'm not. Truth is its a smelly killer!! Keep up the good work all you Champixers.
  12. Well done you, it makes all the problems that you read using Champix worth it. My other half is still suffering insomnia 15 months down the line, not sure they would agree with me.
  13. Thanks for letting me know guys, it's a bit of a read this thread, thought it would be quicker to ask. I feel absolutely gutted. Felt as though i knew the guy in a way, the more i think about it the more it upsets me. He was an inspiration, you're right on that. It's just so unfair. I know you are right, he would be proud, i do remember him saying to the rest of us to quit and i do hope most of you have done that. We should keep this thread going from time to time in Kev's memory and as a reminder to the rest of us what will happen if we do not listen to what Kev said.
  14. Hi all. Haven't been on here since using the Champix last year..................and..................................................................................................YES!!! i AM STILL A NON SMOKER. iT WAS A HELL OF A ROLLER COASTER!! Lost a lot of friends on the way, but, hell, i'm alive and still not smoking. Can anyone tell me what happened to the guy on here that packed up only to find he had cancer? I hope there was some kind of miracle.
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