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  1. Can the public go and help themselves to this grit?
  2. Does anyone here know someone who can supply and fit UPVC cladding at prices that aren't a complete farce?
  3. i was driving through barnsley and I spotted a genius idea, under body car cleaning, the car is put up on ramps and cleaned throughly underneath, this would be useful for me during winter to keep salt etc out, anyone know if there is anywhere in Sheffield that does this?
  4. Yep all of their items are 110% made in Sheffield
  5. Not only knives, Surgical items are also badged up as "made in sheffield" Downs Surgical which is now owned by BBRAUN (Germans!) claim their items are made in Sheffield, when in fact many are not. It's sad to see the NHS (British!) Supporting foreign companies (German) so readily. Why do our ambulances have French badges on them when we have LDV?
  6. rentacoder.com guru.com odesk.com I use rentacoder, should be around £10 or less.
  7. If the government meddle in peoples businesses, then less people will setup businesses meaning less jobs!
  8. Indeedy, probbably a shelf stacker at Tesco. Anyway, ask your brother to be honest and upfront with his boss and they should understand his problem and give him a solution.
  9. Wow this is one daft thread! Titanic, out of interest what job do you have? Generally the people at the top of these business have a few brain cells that they cobble together to ensure the company will make profits for as long as possible, that means making predictions on what will happen in the future and preparing the company for these expectations. They also need to reinvest money back into the business, if they generated no profit, they will not actually go anywhere, they will only tread water. The responsobility for people becoming unemployed is down to the market, the market is failing, companies are being affected so they tailor their strategy to suit. Forcing the companies to do things they don't want to do will potentially ruin them losing more jobs. It makes me chuckle when people thing of their jobs as a right, not a privilege. Edit - Titanic, are you by any chance a communist, you don't seem to enjoy companies making profits.
  10. I love the way that the parents have taken their car out of a metal box that was driving at 60mph + and then complain that the spaces where traffic is crawling along isn't safe enough. It's a bit like parents driving their kids to school because of paedos in the area.
  11. Don't see anything wrong with Autos, my daily drive is an auto, I don't need to be hassled with a clutch when going to work or on a commute as it's dull enough as it is.
  12. people think fuel costs are the main cost of running a car, hence why they buy crappy diesels, the true cost is depreciation and maintanance.
  13. I have never had any problems on this road. The problems occur when people buy crap cars with poor handling and drive them too fast. Another one, and this is a big one, is when people fit the cheapest pieces of **** tyres to their car and lose control. Why do people go fo rthe cheapest option when buying tyres? They are the ONLY contact with the road. They ought to be banned in the EU entirely.
  14. Can I substitute the beer with something else?
  15. Anyone know? I would like to buy the batter they use in fish and chip shops, I know of Batleys as a wholesaler to food shops, does anyone know anywhere else to buy it? Thanks!
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