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  1. Hawleys were on Eccersall Rd...Taken over by Binghams in the (I think) 80s. some of their drivers came as well. ---------- Post added 31-07-2013 at 13:47 ---------- Bowlers were taken over by Sutherlands in the 80s/90s ---------- Post added 31-07-2013 at 13:49 ---------- Next time you see the product (Binghams ) read the label of ingredients, then read the other maker of potted meat (the one we don't mention by name)
  2. Binghams Potted beef sold in 1kg catering packs to the retailers, so you still can buy it loose by the quarter (113grms)
  3. Binghams is also made in SHEFFIELD since 1914
  4. Minced Cows Hearts, you are talking of the sutherland brand , Binghams use 100% British Beef shin & forequater
  5. Binghams is now in most of the large superstores , but it is still a mainly northern product so some of them do not stock it. I was in Wolverhamton a few years ago canvassing for new outlets and most of the retailers I visited had never heard of Potted Meat.
  6. Bowlers were bought up years ago by the quaker group who own(ed) Sutherlands
  7. I and several friends around South Yorkshire have recieved today a red card that say it is a Smart card..is this a Nagra 3 card.?
  8. Web site is up and running binghamsfood.co.uk John
  9. I remember Jimmy Dawson, Baz Flinders & Bros went Maggies & Siddalls from the early 70s. We all worked later at Kiveton Park Pit !!!!
  10. When I was a lad as big as my dad I uesed to ride a pony every time I pulled its tail out came polony
  11. I work for Bingham Potted Meat now called Binghams Food Ltd , it has recently been bought back into private ownership , a web site for this company is soon to be set up and are looking for any of the ex employees who have any stories or photos from the past that could be included in the history of Binghams which started with Charles Bingham in 1913 and moving to the present day premises on Western Rd crookes in the 1930s. Thanks in advance for any help John
  12. To answer a few of the posts , Alpine was national , I worked for them at the Rotherham depot from 1977 to 1982 having stints at Middlesboro and Woolitch depots. It was on Hope st Thornhill and the local boozer was the Thornhill Tavern. Stan Crew was the guy who started it all from the midlands. He knew what he was doing built it up and flogged it then it went belly up in the mid 80s. The turn over of staff was unbelievable , I was a supervisor and forever training new Drivers and Van lads. I also worked with Corona and Sundella soft drinks. John
  13. The Company is still there now called Binghams Food Ltd - it has been at Western Rd since the 1930s and was started by a Charles Bingham in 1913 . Does anyone out there used to work for the "Potted Dog Factory" ??
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