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  1. on thursday and the couple of days when it was for sale hand on my heart it the car was road worthy and the only reason i put it up for sale was i bought a new car off a member of my own family. The car that i sold was my first car and to be honest even thought it was a 1L it was and still is the best car and it had only let me down once in the two years i had it when the car did not start up which my father fixed within half an hour. the funny thing you would expect the guy to cum during the day but no he cums at half 10 at night. apparently he was supposed to bring the car so a mechanic can have a look at it and see if the clutch has gne but apparently he has not bought it yet and he was supposed to bring it a 9 in the morning.
  2. that wot my uncle and the mechanic was trying to say to him its only a small car a 1L not a sports car.
  3. i sold ma car on Thursday due to getting another car. the car i sold had 5 month tax and 12 month MOT which was done this year in January and 4 days after buying the car he comes saying lol wait for it the car wont do 50 miles up the hill! lol its a 1 liter how it supposed to 50 miles up a hill it aint no sports car. Then he says the driver shaft has gone and clutch and since having the MOT done i ave not even drove the car as i work in town and catch the bus because parking is a nightmare, but come on if it had its MOT done in January. i am sure it would have failed, he even tested drove the car which he denied, but then when i remembered he test drove it with my brother so i called my brother and then went back on his word. But he can not come back to me can he as i sold the car to him and told him everything i knew? any info on this please where do i stand as he is going bring the car as a mechanic which my family knows was there and told him to bring the car and he will tell him if the clutch has gone or driver shaft but when selling him the car he did say he was going on a long journey, so i am thinking he has caused the problems
  4. if you just ask for mulana shoaid then they will know who you are talking about
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