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  1. Hi There, I've just recently got lost of time on my hands and want to get back into 5 a side football. If anyone is looking for a keeper give me a shout. Cheers
  2. No mate - it's just a black shine restorer for rubber that makes tyres look new...however you might be on to something there :)
  3. Hi - depends on the size of your car really - a standard size car is 12.00 and that includes: wash/dry, inside hoovered, mats washed, dash wiped and polished, windows cleaned inside and out, tyres dressed and alloys cleaned, door shuts cleaned. However if you've got a 4x4 it's 15.00 - If you mention that you've seen my ad of SF then I'll give a 10% discount. Hope to see you soon xmiax
  4. I'll admit I'm shorter than average but not too short...besides what I can't reach, the extendable brushes can
  5. Nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition, I'm all for it myself however it might explain why quite a few people have been coming to Splash because they like to pay that bit extra for a high quality service...offers and discounts are available of course
  6. The price of a wash and dry is just 5 pounds. If you mention you are a SF member i will give you 10% discount Cheers
  7. Hi - I'm the new owner of Splash Hand Car Wash on Rutland Road. I took over in April this year and can offer a wide range of services including mini & full valets, wash & dry from just a fiver. JUST WANTED TO MAKE IT CLEAR THAT THE CAR WASH IS UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT AND HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PREVIOUS OWNERS. Come and give us a try and you'll be impressed with the efficient and friendly service. Cheers guys Midget Gem
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