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  1. I would treat this comment as you would treat nick clegg or any other scheming politician, they can not be trusted. The plans at rhe consultation show an area allocated for the proposed Aldi site, the larger surrounding area they have purchased has not been allocated yet for anything. They are waiting to get the Aldi store through first, ask your self, do Aldi provide a restraunt service like Morrison’s and Tesco’s etc, the answer is NO they don't, hence the surrounding land will be solid to a fast food chain and will not be in competition with Aldi as thet do not serve food, so this is very likely indeed, do not trust them. .
  2. yep, I can see that some foreign people are giving there support for whatever reason, at the end of the day all the uk local petition members will be counted and put to officialdom, I am in contact with them via SayNoToAldi@hotmail.co.uk, althought they are not many at this point in time, I expect this to be much larger by next week.
  3. Aldi are proposing to build a store in Ecclesfield at mill lane / the common directly on the area presently occupied by Rollem. It was discovered that not all local residents were made aware of the proposal and did not receive a newsletter regarding the public consultation on 2/3/11, the Aldi representative has been informed of this fact. If you wish to object to the proposed build of the Aldi store at Ecclesfield then please fill out the petition, the petition will be forwarded to Aldi head office / representative and Sheffield council. http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/proposed-aldi-site-at-ecclesfieldrlm/ For futher information SayNoToAldi@hotmail.co.uk
  4. I was going to say avoid wheat products and see if that helps, but you obviously already do that. Make sure your bedroom isnt too warm, That its nice a dark too. Don't watch tv or play games too late as the light from that can effect you, reading to relax might help ?
  5. We have only ever left ours in kennels for one day, that was rainbow at grenoside. Like the above poster said they get let out and not walked. We will be looking around for somewhere that at least takes them for a walk daily if we leave them for a longer period. I intended to check out the kennels on grange lane, they have heating and get more of an individual attention. I have heard mutlins is very good, they have always been too busy to fit us in , so I guess that means they really are good.
  6. Hi we are looking to do up our drive, not sure which way to go though, block paving / patterned cement / tarmac etc Can any one recommend a good value for money method to create our driveway.
  7. I enjoyed the movie, guess it must have been cheap to make as there were very few actors in it, but I guess that it was no cheap to make.
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