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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Going to try one of them tomorrow. Tracy
  2. I've spent hours on Just Eat trying to find places who do Doner in pitta bread, not Naan, for delivery to S8. We've tried Pizza Zone and Chatanoga and not impressed so trying to find a different place, but they all seem to only do kebabs on Naan bread now. Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks. Tracy
  3. I'm pretty sure Edward James are manufacturing jewelers, they are on Hickmott Rad, just off Ecclesall Road, S11.
  4. Spot on Mush, we live on Archer Road and that corner is a killer when the sun is low, we know to expect the few seconds of blindness and REALLY slow down, but if you don't know the road it will come as a total shock, its like driving with your eyes closed for a split second or too. Glad the driver is OK, we hadn't heard the outcome, so thanks for posting. Tracy
  5. I agree with Mirage Electronic Cigarettes, their products are excellent and great service. A good few shops is Sheffield too. Just be a little wary of some places which sell e cigs as there is a lot of rubbish out there, make sure they are "UK Tested" products which Mirage are.
  6. Thank you, I hadn't thought about those circumstances, I can see now why it is important.
  7. Thanks, could you explain what a Power of Attorney does please?
  8. Thanks for the replies. At the moment the solicitor is the executor, only because it used to be a personal friend of ours, but that is one of the amendments we are making now, as he has since died. Going forward, it won't be the solicitor. I'll look into Will Aid, I'd rather give something to charity to be honest, if it's also cheaper then all he better.
  9. We've been quoted £250.00 + VAT from our solicitor to make some updates to mine and my husband's Wills, it's the same solicitor who drew them up, albeit in 2005. Does this sound expensive, or am I just out of touch with legal costs these days? Thanks for any advice.
  10. I got some at Sainsburys on Archer Road last Saturday, and my Step Son has bought some at Morrisons on Chesterfield Road recently. Good luck, it's scrummy
  11. Thanks for the reply, Claytons was the first place we tried, really nice bloke but unfortunately he's stopped doing soft tops which is a shame because he came highly recommended. Tracy
  12. Hi, Just wondering if anyone had any experience of Rotherham Car Trimming at Parkgate, I'm looking for an upholsterer to make a new soft top roof. This company has been mentioned to me, but not by someone who has used them. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Tracy
  13. I've heard good things about Simply Clean too, although I've not had the oven done, we did have our lounge carpet done by them and it was lovely afterwards.
  14. I understand Seagraves re-opens today and has been kept in keeping with the family traditional style. Good luck to the new owners and credit to you for honouring the family history.
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