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  1. Hi, I make polymer clay jewellery, would love to skill share, also could lend books w have miniature food making in Best wishes Gemma
  2. Im going on Tue 27th to Concord form Hunters Bar if anyone wants a lift Gemma Generally happy to give lifts other Tuesdays
  3. I am going from Hunters Bar and can offer a lift this Tue 27th Gemma
  4. Is this still going? Can you tell me more? Gemma
  5. Anyone interested? Its a Virgin event at the Millenium Galleries 6-8.30, costs a tenner, should be good fun Gemma
  6. I am coming back, I will make it this time! I will I will I will! GEmma
  7. Sorry for not turning up for two weeks, but I will make it this week, promise! Gemma
  8. Sorry for late notice, can I play tonight. Tried to sign up before but computer at home wojudln't let me. If it is a problem tonight me turning up coudl u text me on 07932466381 and let me know Cheers Gemma
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