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  1. Hi, we have been let down for our christmas party on Saturday, can anyone suggest somewhere they cater for gluten free in the city centre we can look at booking.
  2. Thanks Andy, is there a minimum payment do you know?
  3. wondering if anybody knows as i am going here on Sunday, can you pay on card for drinks? cant find info on the website.
  4. I have had a quote due to our central heating not warming up properly and a issue was found with it and radiator was full of sludge we have been given a quote for the work, I wont put the price on but want ideas of what we should be paying, any advice welcome. drain down and inhibit system in day 22magnetic system filter sealed systems fit filter to central heating system to protect boiler from muck and sludge inside, drain raditors,adding cleaner first and protector after to protect system which wasnt done when house built cannot flush as microbore plastic pipe
  5. How can the authority fine you, if the school doesnt run under them.
  6. My Childs school is now under the LEAD Academy changing from the local authority. how would this effect a term time holiday? as the council wouldnt be able to fine you for it as they have no control over the school? am i right in thinking this.
  7. That article is dated 20th January, Hardly the month or so ago you claimed. Sky line rental is always cheaper than BTs
  8. Don't know about TalkTalk, but Sky haven't announced a price change as yet, Normally what happens is Openreach put the price up of the network then as openreach and BT are the same, BT announce price change first then others follow suit.
  9. which way you going to Ice Sheffield? if you think of it this way, you come over the little bridge you have eis on left ice Sheffield on the right. just before you get to the eis car park 1st turning there is a little path. drive down there half way down and park on the grass. I park there every week for the ice hockey, never any issues and quite a few park there. sometimes there is a cone blocking the little road just remove it. eis have no right to block it. ---------- Post added 18-12-2016 at 14:30 ---------- https://www.google.co.uk/maps/@53.3982864,-1.422579,3a,75y,271.65h,70.83t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1shpjFaGzECnqaC-GteqqDNw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  10. Looking for some advice. Want to have a weekend away in London. I will drive down to London but want to stay this side of London and take the tube in. Happy to be around 25 30 minutes away on a tube from Leicester Square, Can anyone recommend a good area to stay with a hotel in close walking distance to a tube station. Happy for it to be a travellodge, premier inn Ibis etc,
  11. Sky Q will offer Ultra HD from the first of this year’s Premier League season, with the widest range of Ultra HD content in the market at no extra cost
  12. I have just returned from a family holiday in Morocco with my children aged 12,10, and 7. the price was £1500 if I booked 2 weeks later it was £3200. I work hard and deserve a holiday and to spend some quality time with my children and give them a life experience. my issue comes with the government this is just a money making scheme. 2 examples of this from my childs school. last Friday they went on a trip to Jump inc. This has nothing to do with there education. Also in year 6 there is a residential that kids can go on, they don't do school work, they do like rock climbing, bike riding, canoeing, this has nothing to do with there education but they can go for a week on that. if you cant afford to go on it the kids have to stay at school and do school work. So why is it ok for the school to take the kids on a jolly but not the parents? also last year my Daughter had 7 different teachers in 9 months, this does nothing for her education but when the boot is on that foot it doesn't matter to the school.
  13. The flight is at 19.00 we aim to get there at 16.30. We want to be early as we have heard some horror stories about Manchester Airport and it's new security equipment.
  14. So tomorrow I'm off to Manchester Airport. Travelling from Crystal Peaks. Flight at 7pm. Aiming to be there for around 4.30. Any advice on what time I should be leaving? Worried about traffic to Manchester at that time of day and hold ups. Also any hints on what way to head rather than the sat nav way.
  15. does anyone know of any summer playschemes for children? ideally Ofsted registered. oldest is 12 years old. they used to go to the Sheffield University one but this has now stopped running.
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