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  1. john, dunno if you ever heard me sing dude, but i'm up for it. im a decent-ish singer, and can learn songs quickly. :-) its sara, by the way. xD
  2. I dunno if this is in the right place, but anyway... I'm getting married next year, and I would love a smooth jazz band to play at the reception. Does anyone know of any? And if so, do you have contact details (telephone/email/etc)?
  3. There's a few good ones. Van Sheiks in Hillsborough. Thou Art on Chapel Walk And there's a new one open up on Lower Manor, opposite the Lidl on Prince Of Wales. I had my tattoo done at Thou Art, and it is great.
  4. I have had a FwB. It went on for several months, it never got complicated, and we are still to this day the best of friends. I think it was being FwB that made us best friends. Neither of us grew feelings for the other, and we knew what we both wanted/expected of the other person. It worked for us.
  5. Aha, that is where you fail. It ain't size, it's how you use it.
  6. My partner is called Dave. And he doesn't really fit any of the stereotypes for the name "Dave"... He's a strange cookie for that reason.
  7. To which bit are you regarding? The my original post detailing my answers to the questions asked of people in my age group, or my response to the poster who claimed my language "was not Yorkshire"?
  8. Do you actually have anything constructive to say, or does your response only equal to a troll? I do apologise that I do not type as I speak, so as to help people understand me properly.
  9. I would absolutely LOVE a job, but there are no companies at the moment willing to hire me, as I require specific hours (I am a single mother). But before you ask, I didn't get pregnant "for the benefits". I'm not happy living at home with my mum and dad, but until I can manage to get a job, it's all I have. I am 20 years old, and until I went on maternity leave, I was hardly on benefits. I think since I left school at 16, I've been on benefits for 5 months. And then obviously, the past 8 months since having my daughter. I don't like being on benefits. I don't think it was particularly easier for the previous generation, however, employer's weren't as tight with hiring, as money was not as much an issue as it is today's climate. The reason there are jobs going but no jobs for the young, I think, is because employers don't want to waste the money training up a younger person, when there are older, more experienced people to be hired. And there isn't a hope in Hell now that anyone in this generation can get a home and mortgage. Prices are simply too high, and unless they are from a rich family, or have a VERY VERY high paying job, it is too much for people. So... Yeah. That's my two-pence-worth.
  10. From the NHS money which is being cut anyway, so why was unnecessary C-sections a priority. I'm 19 years old and I have a better grip on the harsh facts of reality than the people in power... And that's a scary thought...
  11. I just put this on facebook, and felt the need to share it on here too:: "God, I seriously disagree with the whole "don't wanna give birth naturally, get a C-section" It's BS! There are cancer patients out there unable to get the drugs they desperately need to live because "there's no money", and yet the NHS can afford to pay for surgery for any woman not wanting to give birth naturally "because it'll hurt too much". C-sections should be for MEDICAL NEED only. If you don't wanna push a baby out your "area", don't shove owt else up there. Simple! If you wanna kid that bad, bloody adopt. -.-"
  12. I leave my daughter with her grandparents one night a month to get some "me" time. I agree with all those saying it's healthier for the child, too, as the child won't grow up with attachment issues because of being with one person and one person only their whole life. To the OP, try doing what others have suggested, try a night or two at first, and then see how it goes. It's not like she'll be with strangers, and as long as she's fed, cuddled, happy, clean... She'll be fine. To those saying it's a 24/7/365 job... Are you saying I'm a bad mother for having a job and leaving my 5 month old with my mother in the afternoons while I work? Or would you rather me be sat on my backside watching jeremy kyle taking benefits out of the system, thus making YOU pay more taxes? And every parent needs one night off every once in a while, it's a very demanding job, and it's emotionally, financially and physically stressful. If you don't release that stress somehow... it's gonna get to you. And in worst case scenarios it's the child that is punished. So seriously, think about what you say, and then think again, and then just don't say it.
  13. Oh I was led to believe that, too. You wouldn't believe my midwife... But (and I know not all labours are like this, before anyone jumps down my throat), I didn't feel any pain at all. All I got were period like cramps, and the midwives arrived just in time. Purely because I didn't know I was in labour, so didn't ring them. It just so happened that I had a home appointment with my midwife that day at 1pm. (My daughter was born at 1:40pm) so... I'll gladly go through it all again.
  14. Hey smelly melly. xD Yeah me and Kelsi-Mae are fine. She's 5 month old now. xD And I know, kept forgetting about this place, but I been banned on another website I go on for a few days, so thought I'd come back on for a bit. xD Hows you? ------------------------- Anyway, back on topic. Yes it's natural to be scared of labour and childbirth, especially if it's your first baby, and when you hear all the horror stories, but you'll never know until you face it. Lord knows I was terrified throughout my whole pregnancy of labour, and near the end of my pregnancy, I was asking my partner at the time to take over and finish it for me. But I did it. Didn't even know what I was worried about. In labour for just over 7 and a half hours, at home, no pain relief, no stitches, no complications. Was recovered within 2 days. I was able to look after my child without worrying about stitches coming out or when my next medications were. Wouldn't have been able to if I had had a C-section.
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