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  1. Some years ago after a 9 year relationship I started seeing an older man, a lovely sweet guy who was not at all like me or my ex. I wasnt myself, I didnt argue my case or be me at all, I just wanted to be whatever he wanted, expected. We broke up about 6 months later due to my terrier burying a toffee in the corner of his living room in the deep pile carpet. For later, as they do, he was horrified, I realised it was not going to work.
  2. I watched a whole season waiting for it to get better. I am sure most people interested in the show will be able to manage their lives even though they know a certain character is going to die. Please.
  3. I watched the first series of this and was not impressed at all, the other day by chance I watched it at 3 in the afternoon as it had the actress who played Roseannes sister Jackie in it going crazy in a supermarket with a gun, and it was really good, no really very good, I will be watching again next week. I dont know if this was the last season, Nicolette Sheridan was still in it and I know she was killed off somehow. Anyone else think its good.
  4. Yes anyone who wishes to buy a British I have a lovely litter, please email me.
  5. I too have kittens, four weeks old next week, chocolate colourpoint, chocolate, blue. sdogs@hotmail.co.uk
  6. what kind are they, I have British Shorthair babies at the moment chocolate and colourpoint. Same breed?
  7. Is Fungus a dog as well. I too was in Milton Keynes yesterday buying a dog, mines a Vizsla.
  8. I am a small time dog breeder and I dont see what you are all getting upset about, and no I only ever have purebred puppies one litter in the last 3 years. If people want these dogs and are willing to pay for them then whats that to do with us. Have not one of you got a designer pair of sunglasses or trainers that cost way more than popping down to asda, people today think they have to have certain things because they are popular, unfortunatly that means dogs too. It does alarm me when dogs that are a handful are crossed together as breeding 2 large aggressive dogs can enhance that characteristic and make a problem dog, but shihpoos and chipoos etc, not a problem for me.
  9. I prefer a gel or liquid, powder really gunks up the machine. Aggie and Kim were on tv the other day, they said do not wash at low temps only, as bacteria in the washing is not killed. Bedding should be done at 60, if you want to kill the bed bugs.
  10. I lived in a really cold house, and my whippet and terrier slept sandwiched between the 2 duvets I had on the bed. My aunties chihuahua slept with her and the bed got really bad fleas, had to be chucked and house treated.
  11. Terrier day at Leeds is the 24th. You could have a look at Bull terriers at shows on You tube.
  12. You need to grow up. I cannot emphasize that enough.
  13. When I was 15, school sent us on a Trident placement , mine was a posh restaurant in Rotherham. I was a waitress, and given the job of clearing a room where a funeral party had just been. There was half an enormous Gateaux and a tray of fluted tiny glasses for the toast, many untouched......Well, I got in a right old state I can tell you, and Carl the boy who was also on placement locked me in a cuboard under the stairs for me to recover. Another incident I recall, on another day, I was given the sweet trolley to take round, that day there was a lot of judges in from the courts, I had a pile of gateaux and RumBabas. I asked this posh judge if he wanted a doughnut!!
  14. We all get days like that dont we. I try to do something funny or watch something funny, you can watch stuff on youtube like skateboarding dogs or sneezing pandas, or a video or programme on tv.
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