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  1. Clem Beckett -any informaiton about this man - I know he rode the Wall of death in Sheffield and and Was a dirt track rider who broke world records. He was also a committed socialist who set up a Union for speedway riders and went to fight and died in the Spanish Civil war Thanks Sue
  2. anyone know anything about the speedway or dirt track racing before the 60's looking for information about Clem Beckett who was a speedway rider and the first man to ride the wall of death in Sheffield? He rodce in the early 30s I think
  3. thanks for the article about the guy who gave the flowers If you wat to see the dove he drew on the napkin a copy of it was etched into Sheffield City Hall window
  4. I did some research a while ago into Picasso coming to Sheffield for the Peace Congress got some basic info for what I needed but has anyone any more info?thanks
  5. Was Thomas Wards Steel works linked to Wards Brewery as I have information she worked for the Brewery as well and I have a photo of her at Kelham Island - since I am not a Sheffield person was Kelham Island part of Wards or was she loaned out? thanks
  6. any body got any information about Lizzie the elephant who worked for wards brewery in the first world ? thanks sue
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