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  1. The best way is with a blindfold. Still keep everything as dark as possible for the atmosphere though Last game played was CS:GO. I'm a nerd I know..
  2. I wasn't exactly looking for an instant massive boost in performance or anything, just a small addition to the many other little tweaks this machine's had. But on the subject of overclocking - I would do it, but only when I know I can replace either the GPU or CPU if it all goes TU. Best get saving
  3. Hi, I've recently been looking at getting some extra bits of performance out of my fairly ancient setup for gaming and such and came across unparking CPU cores. I was directed to a program with which I can do this, however it only finds 2 of 8 (or techincally 4) cores on my i7.. Anyone know why this could be? I've stuck an image up. On the left the program used to unpark, and to the right the results from resource monitor right here
  4. I've honestly never watched the show, but whenever people speak of theme tunes this always pops into my head
  5. Hi, do you know if this is true even when on your own land, such as a garden etc? I've just looked for this on a website and it seems a little unclear. From what I can tell it does include your own land, but only if it causes upset.. Reason I ask is that I use my garden to shoot in, but neighbours around can easily see what I'm doing
  6. Sounds about right, I tried Croc on the PS1 not long back and couldn't believe how many hours as a kid was put into that game If only I could get into the new stuff
  7. For a bit of a drive there's Newark autojumble. I've not been but have been told that to see it all would require a full day.. According to the site it's there once a month all year round. Definitely going to make an effort next time it's on quick edit - Nice ride lefty21
  8. Now that looks really familiar, but unfortunately isn't what I was thinking of. My guesses are this was just some random game that wasn't played by many and ended up getting lost somewhere in internet. No doubt the site I played it on has probably disappeared
  9. Didn't get a good look but heard it over Killamarsh. Could've been a DC 3 or something
  10. Cheers guys, the Bikesafe site looks to be what I'm after, at least like has been said - to see whether it's for me or not. I don't want to come across as 'rules are rules' but green lanes are roads and not being insured on someone elses bit of kit scares me However it would be a good way to try some light off roading.. Still not even sure what sort of riding I'd be wanting to do
  11. Hey, I've been recently wondering if anything like this exists, preferably near to Sheffield. I'm just looking for some way of having a go on a bike of any type really. The 'experience' days that Virgin for example do require a bike license, and while it's probably not a big deal to just get a CBT done and buy a cheap runaround, it would be a weekend toy, and I already have one too many of those.. Never ridden one, but would love a go basically Oh, and trying a mate's is a no go; I couldn't live with myself if I dropped it Cheers
  12. The opening lines to that always crack me up
  13. They need to bring back Interceptor...
  14. Aldi are selling motorbike stuff at the moment. Not sure if they're doing gloves, but as it's not for riding I'd have thought they'd be a good choice
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