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  1. Try CAP chipX, here is the website - https://capuk.org/i-want-help/cap-debt-help/introduction
  2. JTF at Catcliffe, I got one the other night, it was around £15.00
  3. For anyone who finds it difficult sleeping at night in the hot weather, I do what an ex army friend who had served in many hot countries did, get two hot water bottles and fill them with cold water and put them in your bed, it sounds a bit strange but I have done this when it has been hot weather and it has worked for me, giving me some relief from the heat.
  4. Looking for any information on Ivor, Ida and Mark Keff who lived in the Attercliffe area during the late 1950's.
  5. I have been studying the history of the Sheffield Blitz and though I have found a lot of information on it, I have not found any details of when the funerals or mass funeral was held, I'm not looking for details of the memorial garden just the days and dates of the funerals.
  6. It's always the toffee pennies we get left with. If theres nothing worth watching on the telly, we can at least be entertained by feeding them to the dog and watching him froth at the mouth and wipe his muzzle on the visitors.
  7. I had the same problem last week! Don't worry about it, it's only flu, get some antibiotics from your doctor and all will be well.
  8. When you hand over the note Deano, say at the top of your voice '£20' and wave it in the air like the sales assistants sometimes do when they take a note from you you before giving you your change.
  9. I was talking to a relative yesterday and we got talking about a murder that occurred in the Sheffield area around the late 80's or early 90's. I recall the victim was called Rex or Lex Blaker, but after looking on the internet I can't seem to find anything. Did I imagine this or not?
  10. I've just helped the man next door to defrost the locks on their car doors, I did it the natural way, thankfully the passing police officer was very understanding and only gave me a caution.
  11. Just in case the forecasters have got it wrong and we get snowed in, I have been round all the supermarkets tonight stocking up, so if you need any bread or milk and find the shelves empty you know who's to blame! Now that our garage is packed full of bread and milk, I'm going to have to leave the car parked outside the house on the road just to annoy everyone and stop the gritters getting through. I really think that I should get out more.
  12. Don't know if this would help at all > http://www.piriform.com/recuva
  13. I don't know if it's of any help, but do you think you might be able to get a referral to Moorfield's eye hospital in London? I've put a link below for you. http://www.moorfields.nhs.uk/Home
  14. I found this website earlier today, hope it's of some use to all of of us who love the sound of the Vuvuzula! (http://www.banvuvuzela.com/
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