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  1. Where can I get my trike mot in Sheffield south I have phoned loads of garages and they don't do class 3 mot
  2. Then again i might only get to go to the pub once a year if i got 51 weeks in the nick because the batteries would be knackered and would need replacing when i got out . ---------- Post added 14-12-2016 at 18:05 ---------- just a thought if you are homeless you could borrow a scooter ,off to the pub get 51 weeks in nick ,you would only have to spend 1 week on the street -food -bed and christmas dinner on the state for the rest of the year
  3. Thank you that seems to clear it up ,the only problem is it might cost me £200 every time i go if i get pulled up
  4. I was going to go to my local pub on my mobility scooter it is an off road model i have been told i could be liable for drink driving ,but i would only be on the pavement --[advice needed]
  5. I used to go there in the 60s with my mate on his bike good times then i got married did everything else boating holidays and holidays abroad but now i still have a van at ingoldmells i go every weekend in the summer and think its great but only for the weekend i go fishing .my kids say its a dump but every time they have time off work they go to our caravan and always say it was great ,so all you that have not been go and try it ,if you have not been dont condem it on hear say.
  6. I went a couple of weeks ago for a run out for the day and it was still quite busy around fantasy island they are painting the rides looks like they are refurbishing it so there may still be some financial interest in it .we went for our lunch in skeggy and it was packed out so obviously there are a lot of people think the same as me its worth a visit
  7. Get some cheap trainers and clothes in east gate market and there are 1000s of people there in the summer every day
  8. i remember the boating lake in graves park back in the 60s it was full of fish i went for a walk round it the other week and never saw a fish are there any left in it
  9. what happens to all the caravans ,shops and caravan sites around ingoldmells now that fantasy island is in the hands of the receivers if it closes who will want to go there
  10. Hi.choogling can you describe it to me and i will keep my eyes open for it but finders keepers
  11. Has anybody lost a tenner by the way
  12. Well i am going with the childs story and if i find a tenner on the floor i am going to keep it ,because if i go and ask have you lost a tenner they are going to say yes say thanks and put it in there pocket
  13. What is theft by finding ,what happened to finders keepers losers weepers, if you find a tenner on the floor is this theft by finding.
  14. Any one remember the ace cafe at stonebridge london i used to go in there in the late 60s when i was working on the scrap demolition when we demolished stonebridge power station it was the center of the rockers cult cafe i remember some crazy guys back then its still going and is a bit of an iconic building now good days
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