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  1. Thank you all for your kind words. I know deep down what I did was best for him. Just hurts so much. He's always been my baby boy and now I feel lost and lonely. They really do become members of the family and so much more. His kc name was kenmillquinn ease my mind and it was was a pleasure to have loved him. Give your pets a big squeeze tonight
  2. We recently bought a Kia sorrento and used it to tow for the first time this weekend. Husband said it towed like a dream. Didn't even feel like he was towing. Good luck in your search
  3. yesterday I said goodbye to my 13 chocolate lab Charlie. We went away for weekend and his back end really did let him down. No longer did I have the playful dog I once knew. It was heartbreaking to see as his mind was still eager just his body had got to old for his head. I took him to the vets yesterday and although she offered strong pain relief she advised it would only be a matter of weeks if not quicker before it went completely. He didn't deserve that. He deserved some dignity. I know as I'm writing this I made the best choice for my beautiful big bear but I feel so guilty it's eating me up. I feel like I gave up on him too soon. I just wondered how other cope with the choices they make
  4. Found!!!!! 2chocolate labs missing from s5 palgrave crescent . Only been missing about 20mins. Slipped through side gate. Please keep an eye out one fat one thin
  5. Thank you so much. My husband has gone to collect him. Might actually get some sleep tonight now.
  6. I'm not entirely sure how to put photos on but I have made it my profile picture on face book. My name is Louise marsh
  7. ****FOUND***Missing chocolate lab, escaped through side gate around 9pm. Is micro chipped. He is of slender build, brown eyes, not castrated. He has a grey beard. Has done this a few time. Last time he ended up at grenoside. He is really friendly. Please let me know if anyone sees him. He is missing from Sheffield 5 Southey.
  8. Thankyou to everyone who helped find my little Lab. He's finally home safe and sound.
  9. Missing chocolate lab from Palgrave crescent s5. Escaped due to broken fence. Been missing about half an hour. Poor road sense unfortunately. Answers to Rolo. Really slim build, yellow eyes still looks like a pup but has a grey beard coming on. Does travel quite far when he does a runner so please loom out for him. Thanks Lou
  10. Tapton Hall are having their twice yearly wedding fair this weekend. Come and explore Tapton Hall’s unique blend of elegant history and modern efficiency which will make your special event truly unforgettable. Come along to meet lots of fantastic local suppliers for your big day. All suppliers will be offering SALE discounts on the day so come along and grab yourselves some bargains for your wedding day. Free Bucks Fizz for the first 100 brides!!! Tapton Hall, Shore Lane, Sheffield, S10 3BU Free Entry and Parking Available.
  11. I have no idea???? The handle is Flat, you push the button in and the lift it up to push window open. Hope that makes sense.
  12. Our house windows seem to be getting stuck. The mechanism is working but they just will not open. This has happened on two different windows. Does anyone have any advice? I have tried goggling this problem and its suggested removing the window lock barrel which should release the window but this has not worked. Thanks Louise
  13. Hi they are based at Upperthorpe with a park next door to the house. He's getting the exercise just freaking out if he sees another dog. My mum is currently walking him when the park is empty as he is still getting to know and trust her as well as dealing with his issues. The Dogs Trust advised that he would need lots of bringing around and they are in it for the long road, think they just want to make sure that they can give him the best chance of having a normal life.
  14. My parents recently adopted a collie from the dog's trust who has a few issues due to been a stray and previously been mistreated. His main issues appear to be that he hates other dogs and becomes a nervous wreck and also hates children and prams. Its becoming so bad at present that my parents are considering hiring someone to help them train him and hopefully create a happier dog.They have had other dogs from similar backgrounds but as they are now slightly older this has become a little harder for them. When the dog is home and just with my parents he is an amazingly friendly and playful dog. But its just out on walks and if anyone visits. Can anyone suggest anyone who can help? They rescued him from The Dogs Trust in Manchester and they could help but my parents dont drive so have no way of getting there regularly. He is a lovely dog and just needs a little love, care and attention something he hasnt had for the first years of his life. Thanks in advance
  15. Hi that looks like him but I cant see any details of facebook account please could you give me some details xm
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