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  1. Hi, thanks again for your kind help in finding the tube. Just let you know I do not need your tube any more. Today in my street, I saw one scaffolding company was building the frame for roof work, and just bought one 2m long tube for £5. I am using the tube to help me loosen crankshaft pulley bolt together with a break bar. Hopefully 2m should be enough for this purpose. Will try when weather allows.
  2. Thanks for your reply. Please have a check when you are at home and free and then let me know.
  3. Hi, Could anyone can help me? I only need one scaffolding pole, roughly 1.5m long or longer. Where I can buy? Are there any used scaffolding pole shop? Thanks.
  4. Many thanks for your message. Just called them but no stock at the moment. ---------- Post added 20-07-2017 at 15:16 ---------- Thanks. Just called them and was told there were a lot --- about £40 each.
  5. Hello, Does anyone know who supplies corrugated fibre cement garage roofing in Sheffield? Many thanks.
  6. M G P at hisbourgh, quite good, 8-12am Saturday open.
  7. Hello, Anyone knows the local small cheaper PVC double glazing window making company? We like to order several and install them by ourselves, but beyond our budget from some popular double glazing window companies--- many thanks.
  8. I like to install some Outdoor Stair Railing, but did not find it in DIY shops including B q, screwfix, wicks, anyone knows where to buy these stuff? Many thanks. similar to these: http://simplifiedbuilding.co.uk/images/uploads/outdoor-stair-handrail-c50.jpg
  9. Hi, please who knows ehere to buy window drainage cover cap in sheffield? Screwfix used to be have, but now out of stock, BandQ, toolstation, wickes, do not have. Thanks.
  10. thanks a lot. Will check and leave the information here. ---------- Post added 15-11-2014 at 22:11 ---------- Just update: I got INSET concealed hinge at Sheffix, thanks again for Jon26.
  11. hi, Please anyone knows where to buy Inset Concealed Hinge in sheffield? I have checked with b and q, screwfix, toolstation, they only have concealed hinges for overlay-half overlay applicaitons. Thanks.
  12. Thanks a lot. I just bought one from ebay ~£12. I also checked with floor2go, out of stock, need to wait 1week, so directly ordered from ebay.
  13. I have the same problem, I laid laminate floor in the ground floor. The flooring goes into the kitchen which is tile and there is about 15mm difference in height, please could anyone let me know where to buy this kind reducer/ramp, wickes, b AND q, toolstation, screwfix, all did not find it. thanks.
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