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  1. Got broken gutter&down pipe on our house.Anyone recommend anyone to repair it in S35 area? Ta
  2. Went to Lyceum this aft to see "Room on the Broom"..its a kids book...wondered if anyone else wants to comment on it.The show was quite good,but the kids in the audience spoiled it for me and my child.They were talking loudly throughout,rustling sweet wrappers,moaning about stuff etc etc...please....when you're in the theatre at a show...respect those around you and SHUT UP!
  3. Not sure if the bucket game is sexist or not;but...why do it at all?I love the idea of kids going on the stage but why make it a mad competition that most kids lose...why not get the kids up to all join-in with a song?fun for all then. Love Manor panto by the way,but my little girl who is 5 , lost the first round of the bucket game,and came back to our seats crying.....she also missed out on a balloon at the end advertising Annie!!
  4. anyone been to Cinderella this year?we're going this aft but a bit scared of driving cos ofthe ice ta
  5. couldn't agree more!They've just finished our loft conversion,2 beds and a bathroom and have been totally fantastic all through the 6 weeks.Everything went to plan,we knew who was coming,times etc.Each night Rob and Gary hoovered and swept everywhere..you wouldnt know they been! I am a very satisfied customer and would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone. Thank you boys p..even our dog liked them.
  6. We have th most enormous tent..a dome shape with 4 bedrooms off the main area.BUT...we have 5 kids and a dog so we do need the space.We always try to have electric hook up...but not for the telly.Itsmainly for phone chargers,and one elec heater cos it can be chilly at night and eary mornings. We have a great time...and yes we do pay extra cos we take up more room...and I dont consider myself scum!!What is wrong with you people being critical of others all the time? Play nice.
  7. Our lab almost 2yrs old, has a sore eye.Every morning the corner has lots of "sleep" in it.I'v been bathing it with cooled boiled water..he has a small red mark nea hiseye corner.Can I sudacrem or germolene cream?Any sugestions?Ta
  8. sorry to hve troubled you!no need to be mardy,just thought a car-interest page might be able to help..my car is a classic to me.
  9. Anyone know where I can buy a brand new Toyota Previa in Sheffield?I've looked at Montys and Gordon Lamb,they have new-ish but cant find any brand new.Hope they're still making them...I love my old one.Ta
  10. Just read in The Star of a young cricket umpire who was attacked when he gave an unpopular decision.He is 19 and probably learning the trade.What is theworld coming to? Anyone see the match?Know the players/umpire?
  11. Any tips on cleaning up dog hairs?Our lab is moulting big time and I think my Henry Hoover is about to leave home!!When he's brushed,outside I might add cos the hair flies off everywhere,his brush is covered after 2 or 3 strokes.Someone recommended actually hoovering his coat!!!set the hoover to low first.Not tried it cos it doesnt sound right?!!Any tips?When will he stop moulting?He's almost 2 and fit and well. Thanks
  12. Notre Dame bus is all green.a bright bus,and they all have cctv cameras on them.Staff at the school can look at tape and spot trouble makers,so any bad behaviour will be on camera.I know ND are very strict with the kids, so I,m sure if you phoned school and mentioned this,it would get dealt with.
  13. Me and my son were approached by the Bosnian woman yesterday near WHSmiths.She handed me the same grubby bit of cardboard and asked for "food please,it make me happy...please..."I said "no sorry" and gave the cardboard back.She was quite chunky,but I deffo feel guilty.What can you do to hepl?but not feel guitly or intimidated?
  14. whats it like at Alton Towers?ok to drive from Sheffield?what age child is it aimed at?I have 4,8,10,12 and 14 year olds to entertain!Ta
  15. sats were only for y2 and y6 children(in primary school) and y9 in sec school,but the y9 sats have been scrapped.y2 AND Y6 sats usually in May each year.
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