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  1. Ha ha very funny Did that cut monzaman ? "PLAYOFF'S ANYONE" LOL
  2. LMAO ---------- Post added 11-05-2013 at 21:37 ---------- Thats funny mate
  3. Don't get the face on, you have got pub footy to look forward to again next season and a derby with rotherham united where you can all stand up together and sing how you hate wednesday lol, you may even make the playoff's ! In all honesty mm will not throw loads of dosh at it fact so don't panic mate !
  4. World beaters I seh, world beaters he is buying for next term !
  5. I would keep liera over gardener any day but its a opinion.
  6. Had to laugh, I was just looking on the home page and the post sheffield united clown shoes was there ! classic
  7. I will say I am not keen on dj and think he has got lucky.
  8. Not happy about liera going as I think he is better than gardener and puts the ball in the back of the net.
  9. To be fair the the playoff with yeovil was very poor with 2 very poor sides ! It will be a harder division next year so playoff's anyone ??
  10. Wore the t shirt mate and it sucks ! But hey ho we will do it all again next term.
  11. I personally think the timing was rotten but maybe he hoped that the players would step up ???
  12. Its ok bm and bb come and watch wednesday next year in the championship and if we are lucky we may even be near the playoff's ! I am kidding btw
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