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  1. It is with sadness that the young man has passed away, I knew of him and my heartfelt thoughts go to his family and friends at this tragic time xx
  2. I require a 13" cake box for a 2 tier cake, where to buy one in Sheffield? I bought the board from Hobby Craft unfortunately no big boxes, not to worry I have one at home..... Doh no you don't and the galleries have closed. Please help... I need this box asap to deliver a cake today? Cheers
  3. Clearly an Aaron fan, you keep believing he's not told any lies.... feels this is where his slyness has stepped in, mind games, getting people to apologise to him.... Like I metioned above... the relationship with Faye was a total lie he even admitted that to Harry, dancing in the toilet.... have you not been watching the show If anyone met a person like I think he'd pull the wool over your eyes, even his mates, could you honestly trust a person like hime, you think if he won the 30k he'd share it.................. er dont think so! Why do you think he was asking BB to sort out the money he is so nervous he is gonna go without and why shouldn't he, I think Jay Louise Tom and Alex need to wise up and share the money between them leaving Aaron with the £900 odd
  4. Will we all be glued tomorrow then watching Alex win....
  5. Disagree.... but lets not argue, we all have our own opinions on this.... I don't feel there is a majority Lets all agree for Alex to win!!!!
  6. I too have been thinking about this, I feel Aaron's behaviour is starting to stand out to the others, especially after the Presents that Jay & Louise bought, which was a really nice gesture, they're both really young and I bet they loved that. Aaron being clever, surely him not winning needs to be shown that he wasn't clever enough to win BB! As for him not telling lies.... What about the relationship with Faye? (ie: I love you too) oh and about him not wanting to join in with the fun as he didn't like R & B yet he was dancing behind their backs in the toilet and still insisted that he was still bored and miserable when asked to join in? nasty piece of work.....
  7. Well said... my thoughts exactly! I just hope Faye has seen the real him and realised what people including her family were on about.... she could do so much bettter, and feel he ruined her time in the house as she was so taken in by him, she seemed a fun girl at the beginning.... Shame
  8. Yeah understand what you mean, he just irritates me, the way he plays the game..... I think if you dislike Aaron you would know what I mean, it's difficult to explain!
  9. I think Aaron is all out to win it and doesn't care about anything, he only got with Faye (if you can call it that) to get votes! I can't stand the bloke, very selfish and arrogant... I thought it was really nice of what Jay & Louise did for Alex & Tom, yeah ok like Aaron said you wouldn't have done that in the real world, maybe not, but at the moment they have the money and are in a game show.... oh dear £1,000 down on the price fund for Aaron NOT! get that creep outta there.... As for the dancing I saw that on TV, thought it was really bad to act so down and fed up, as soon as he heard the song come on he wandered off to the toilet, raves about to Craig David, then when the track finished he wandered back to bed, just in time for Tom to enter the bedroom and tell Aaron to come and join in the fun, with a miserable bored look on his face Aaron declined! he is a snake! I think Alex should keep the £30,000 she deserves that money, had anyone else won it, I would agree split it, Alex has been her playful childish self all the way through, very entertaining at times... ALEX to WIN!!!!!!!!!!
  10. I couldn't believe what I was seeing the other day, talking with his mouthful, and before even finishing what he was eating, he shoved in yet more food time after time and still talking inbetween, like you say he is an animal!!!! no way would I be able to sit at the same table as him and enjoy my meal! That was a classic entrance from Heaven....
  11. So glad Tara went tonight, I really didn't like her, let alone understand her, she was weird. What the hell was all that little dog thing all about, like others have said I think she is totally messed up and shouldn't have gone into the house.... As for her voice! so annoying when she says "ya know!" all the time.... no i don't bloody know! lol I do feel however feel that Brian was a little rude towards her at the end of the interview, there was no real end to it, I know she was a bit abrupt but still he should have given her a hug well done... what if she hadn't have gone to stand up, would he have just walked off? PS.... Paddy, Kerry & Amy to be in the final, I'd like to see any of them win!
  12. That's what all the secret CBB/BB fans say! It's ok you don't have to live in denial!
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