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  1. Haven't posted on here for ages but I think that Nigel is lacking big time in motivational skills. How many games have they drew or lost after getting a lead ?
  2. Maybe you should check your facts before you go off half-cocked blaming Israel. It was a SYRIAN government MIG that dropped a cluster bomb on a playground, killing 10 children. Still I guess it's not newsworthy when Arabs kill each other.
  3. Quite a delay on my part reacting to this post but I'm really interested in the photo. I sent you a p.m. today. Thanks
  4. My Dad, a lifelong Blade supporter, always maintained that he was the finest full back ever to play for England. Genuine praise indeed.
  5. Of course. I forgot that Iran was "misquoted" about Israel disappearing from the map. I have a beautiful bridge for sale in the desert if you're interested.
  6. Pity that Israel is not a NATO member. That would give those nut-jobs in Iran pause for thought.
  7. Toronto has a system of "collecter" and "express" lanes on highway 401. If you're going straight through you use the express. If you're exiting you use the collecter which has to be selected before your exit. There is a barrier between the two lanes except for certain points obviously.
  8. I'm sure that the U.N. is busily drafting a resolution condemning this. Or, are they ? Seeing as how Israel is not involved, it would probably be a non-starter.
  9. Know what you mean. Visited last year. My son and family were staying somewhere on Snig Hill. Tried to find the place by car and finished up in Pitsmoor. My GPS (Satnav) was constantly trying to send me down "No Entry" streets. Also found the street signing really poor. Lots of rusted-out street names that were really hard to decipher.
  10. Still, an away point is a point is a point. Decent result from Blades point of view. Thanks Owls.
  11. This goes double for me. Unbiased reports like yours and shorhem4eva's are VERY much appreciated by expat suppoters like me. Thank you
  12. I believe her name was Margaret not Canice. Think her maiden name was Sinclair.
  13. I gave him a ride home on Friday night. We also chipped in for a bouquet of flowers for his wife. He died in his allotment whilst gardening. We were all gobsmacked when Maurice gave us the news on Monday morning. Sad time.
  14. Received this by e-mail today. This man (a Muslim) denounces Islamists and tells the West to wake up. http://livestre.am/Pfu4
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