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  1. Text me your Email address, I just may be able to assist you in your search at no cost to you, my mobile number is 07949904250
  2. Just a breakdown of our experience. My wife has had both knees replaced over a period of 4 years. Same hospital, same surgeon, first operation went okay but she had a long and painful recovery over a number of months. Followed all the instructions, had the supervised physio at the same hospital, and slowly but surely everything has turned out okay, knee now works fine but they have their limitations, you ultimately get rid of the pain, but a mechanical knee replacement does not have previous flexibility of the original. Second operation did not go quite so well initially, and she was quite ill, and actually required a blood transfusion, but compared with the first replacement she was relatively pain free through the whole procedure, and has remained so. Although she has experienced some stiffness over a few months, this has now disappeared and all in all both knees are now pain free and functioning well. The advice we were given by the surgeon was don't expect too much too soon, keep doing the exercises and if necessary use pain killers, this is a most brutal operation and you may experience pain for a considerable time, even for 12 months or more. I don't know what you were expecting but replacement knees are classed as success if you can ultimately achieve a 90 % bend. So I wouldn't worry to much about your present situation, its a long hard slog and obviously the time it takes for everything to settle down is far longer for some than others. Just a footnote, now its hopefully all over for us, she would want to go through it again. LOL
  3. Would you be aware of the age of the lady you are looking for?
  4. No it doesn't, you can exclude yourself from appearing on the Electoral Roll. You have the names and address, try the phone book, www,thephonebook.BT.com. If either party is still on there then there's an even chance part of your search will have been a success.
  5. I have an address of a Joanne Goodison, in Sheffield, also resident at the same time and place as an Andrew G. Goodison. This information was on the Electoral Role back in 2003. If you send me a private message I will pass the information on.
  6. Searching for the above, still registered user, she was present on the forum between 27/05/2008 to 24/10/2008 and then nothing since. Have tried to contact through the usual channels but with no success. Any info would be greatly appreciated. My reason for searching is she offered me some advice and details back then, which at the time I had no use for, but would now come in very handy.
  7. I'll tell you what gives him the right, because he knows the difference and you obviously don't and never will, else you would take time to engage your brain before you put your ignorant little finger on a single key.
  8. Have sent you a PM with an address, they could have moved but even if they have it may well help in your search.
  9. Why is it that nearly every thread on this forum manages to include an idiot like you?
  10. Have a copy of the 2003 Electoral Roll, if that would be of any assistance let me have names and approximate area you believe they were resident in. The more detail the better.
  11. I have an address and a telephone number of a Mr. D. Purkis and Mrs June V. Purkis at the same address taken from the 2003 Electoral Roll. It also appears that they are still resident at the same address in 2012. While I cannot be sure that this is the lady mentioned in the original post, it does tally with the info given by Pinkglue and the fact that a Nicola A. Purkis was married in the same area in 1999 would make it even more likely. If you would like the address etc. please PM me.
  12. Have forwarded you a private message with details of an address for DAVID ALAN PELL
  13. Have an address for a Gillian Smalley, Whitby. It is taken from the 2003 Electoral Roll, she may have moved but its worth a try. Have PM you the details
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