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  1. Could you link to the previous winners please?
  2. I know. But it takes a lot of practice to begin to see these kind of times and with practise he is getting quicker. He wants to cube with people at his level rather than beginners. I gave an example to show his level for compatibility. But, thanks for your encouraging comment.
  3. Are there any speed cubers interested in meeting my friendly teen in the S10 area? He's sub 20 now on a 3x3 and goes to the national comps. He would love to have people to share his passion with. If you speak 'cube', please PM me. Jennifer
  4. I agree with Mr Robot on the premis that a high IQ on a CV is better than the alternative that might be no/very little GCSE certificates to show. We are talking about a young adult who we want to show is very employable in certain fields, he is not learning disabled but is a different thinker which actually can bring something to the table that others might not be able to do so intuitively. Having an alternative CV is much better than one that is unable to meet typical expectations. One of my favourite stories is an autistic young man went to a university interview for a fashion course in a home-made cape. They were so pleased with his creativity that he was promised a place regardless of his results. Some people welcome a different approach and if they don't I don't think they would be the right employer for my son anyway. More fool them.
  5. That’s all very well if you can fully access education. I believe what you say is subjective. I’m sure many would agree but also it’s it’s good to think outside the box. A unique skill set can be a great attribute to a company. Lots of assessments are not based on just getting an IQ result but highlight some amazing qualities that a GCSE certificate can’t.
  6. I wonder if a supported internship in this area would help him get future employment without actual grades? (Alternative IQ assessment is a great idea!) He may get average English and Maths, but he can do these at his own pace. Thanks for your help.
  7. This is a very valid and helpful comment, thank you. He was assessed as having a cognition in the high average range as part of some assessments. His range is from low to incredibly high in some areas.
  8. Hello, My 15 year old son is very nervous about growing up and the expectations that are associated with his age, he’s autistic but a bright lad. Because of barriers, he hasn’t been entered for GCSE’s yet. We need to look at colleges etc and start thinking about possible career pathways that suit his skill set. He has just learned around 70 algorithms for his Rubik’s cube and studies algorithms for his different cubes with passion and intensity. Is this a transferable skill? What do you think we could look at with him in terms of courses. What happens if he has no or low GCSE’s? It doesn’t reflect his ability as he is so bright. But it might stop his chances. He’s so deserving of a chance. But I don’t know where to start. Any advice will be welcomed. Thank you.
  9. It's not too far off the beaten track to take the little track off Marsh lane next to the allotments and it brings you out the other side of the cemetery, probably only two minutes longer. Please watch your footing, it's full of dog dirt!!!
  10. Hi. How has their SEN dept. let them down? Do you mean the local authority hasn't supported the SEN children?
  11. There is no excuse for exceeding statutory deadlines. IPSEA and SOS!SEN independent helplines are excellent, free and supportive, albeit limited in what they can do. Educational Equality are good advocates and much cheaper (and just as good) than an SEN solicitor. A few families in Sheffield have used them and they have a very good reputation. http://www.educationalequality.co.uk/
  12. Come home following neighbour's having Mr Whoosh clean out their bins to the smelly mess being tipped out literally on the road outside our house. We live in the turning circle of a cul de sac and I'm going to have to go out and hose and sweep the road so my children can play out. A few neighbours have commented on the mess and smell because it's just dumped on the road. Annoying thing is, there is a drain a couple of feet away which they haven't bothered to use. Utterly appalling service.
  13. Brave hair net! I like that!!
  14. Pop your first and sir name in here and lets see who has the funniest anagram! http://www.wordsmith.org/anagram/
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