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  1. ...maybe if drivers actually did an honest good days work then they would deserve the pay rise. Sitting 30 min down terminus with the newspaper does not count as a days work. Giving customers **** also does not count as a days work. Drivers on the 76 route are espeshally bad. When this sharade ends, first need to route all those drivers out and sack the lot of em. Its a sad thing when people get held to ransom like this. The thing of it is, bus drivers don't get disoplined as the compny is afraid of a strike. Its time for some new laws...
  2. get a life. worst peice of trash on tv. chavs on display..
  3. my ideal bus would be ones that are ontime, and don't have some disrespectful lazy peice of trash driving it. but that will never happen. This strike makes them look even worse. It also proves my point...
  4. yes 2 excuses to why: 1: they said they had lack of drivers. This is bull as they could employ some more 2: they claimed that no one was using the service. Also bull, as with first/mainline being the ****tyest service ever, terriers had alot more people on them. Also this week, they would have made a killing on the 76 route due to this buss strike. incedently, i'm missing my movie (spiderman 2) due to this horse **** strike. At this rate i'll mis it completly. Yep there goes the best thing of my summer.. stop being greedy ******** and get a days work in. you do not deserve any rise or anything. sitting down the terminus with a news paper does not count as a days work. You make me sick.
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