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  1. Living in a box must be fun, lad. ---------- Post added 15-04-2014 at 11:48 ---------- They where running as normal.
  2. I'll be honest, I have no read through this, but this is something interesting if it has not been said before. On that day, a relative of mine was on her way to work. Before the event was even cancelled, public transport was running as normal, not diverted as the usual. So did SYT see into the future? or did they know the event was going to be axed before hand? (as in was it the plan to axe it in the first place). As most of us know, bus drivers are always the last to know about any changes to diversions etc (or at least it has been in my experience). So with this information, and (as I hear) they have used the water excuse to cancel it altogether next time; was the event sabotaged?
  3. Yes but no but yes but.......... the don't tar everyone with the some brush advice, drivers also need to follow. Treat a-holes with contempt fair enough, but don't take it out on the next person.
  4. Wouldn't work for the TV being in the master though, as they never power off completely. The standby LED is always on.
  5. Nah, cheapo one will do fine, no need to waste money on argos tech, which is over priced anyway.
  6. I had no idea this was added. Thanks :-)
  7. People feed drunks? like a zoo type situation? how very strange.
  8. Less people arguing might be a good start. As for sub forums: I think video gaming needs its own forum, and maybe table top gaming! or something along the lines of "all things geek" if that is not too insulting.
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MINI-USB-150MBPS-WIFI-WIRELESS-ADAPTOR-802-11-B-G-N-LAN-NETWORK-DONGLE-ADAPTER-/161265471118?pt=UK_Computing_USB_Wi_Fi_Adapters_Dongles&hash=item258c2bce8e Top one will do ya mate. 300 is wireless N and 150 is G. That dongle will work with either. Plug it in yep, windows should do the rest :-)
  10. Are these those black plastic glasses?
  11. wifi dongles are really cheap, any will do. I broke one on a pc a couple of years ago by lifting it to check the back, and it bent at the front. oops! they are all very tiny now.
  12. Hmmmm with this open ssl stuff blowing up on the web, maybe the account was hacked? change your PSN password ASAP. Also change the password of your email account(s) associated with it.
  13. LOL Macs. On a serious note, why didn't you use the usb cable?
  14. Not quite the same type of ghosting the op was talking about ;-)
  15. Sounds like a solution to a non existent problem to me.
  16. You can guarantee, that if it was a tradition or religion of a minority to have more than a day for a funeral; they would be fine with it.
  17. Ah the usual. Drugs, knifing, etc. Do you even need to ask?
  18. Ah, dog owners. They are a breed onto themselves. They will pile in here and say "oh but I am a responsible owner! we are not all like that!!!!!" They make me laugh.
  19. Residents of Lowedges getting up to no good as per.
  20. We need to ban any EU citizens from being able to claim benefits at all. They are there for the British, not the whole of Europe. They come in, bring kids, multiply, getting 40K. I barley earn enough to get by. It is a disgrace. That is from an inside standpoint, before anyone accuses me of anything. I see it day in day out.
  21. Some are following the American 'good will' store by selling things on ebay like retro games stuff etc, as they know that brings in the big monies. It is sad that they have taken this up, but they are just following business trends.
  22. This. And the fact is, drivers should not take out frustrations on the public. I'm polite, I know how public facing roles can be as I also have a similar role.
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