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  1. To answer the topic my faves are: sega megadrive, neo geo MVS and Dreamcast. I LOVE arcade games, and the new geo was the best for that. For me the Dreamcast is the spiritual successor to the Neogeo.
  2. I had a mark 1 mastersystem with some sort of 3D game built in. I never had the peripheral to play on it. Later had a mark 2 with alex kidd. Fun times! the rock paper scissors bosses were easy once you figured out the pattern. Hours of fun with me mate. I only have the converter these days and just a couple of games (sonic, sonic 2 and sonic chaos). A fun little system! but really now it is just easier to emulate it on such as retroarch, or kega. With a usb adapter to use your megadrive controllers, you're sorted.
  3. And by proper ones, I don't mean stuff like scrabble! There are some great games out there, most people are just aware of what they see in argos etc, but if you like gathering around with friends and family, there are some really great ones. Here are some of the more easy ones: Ticket to ride (various boards available for this, standard edition is USA) Carcassonne Pandemic Catan small worlds (pretty much anything by days of wonder, really) More complicated ones such as: mansions of madness arkham horror Many many more out there. So what are your favorites?
  4. Hmmmmm some sort of video editing tool like windows movie maker (or the equivalent). Do a google for "windows movie maker alternatives". There is a site called alternatives to, or something.
  5. Cloud storage for all your music and stuff? errrr no thanks.
  6. You sure its not just their site that is using some sort of java script trickery bit?
  7. I didn't make anything up at all. ---------- Post added 28-04-2014 at 10:36 ---------- This. Good to see that not everyone on here are T**S
  8. Plusnet. It was you that was taken advantage of...
  9. A modern smart phone with no card slot? what a piece of garbage. I expected better from a leading brand like google.
  10. A little paranoia can be good for you, but this is just.....
  11. This is odd, you sure you are not hitting the home button instead?
  12. Well, they are not really phones any more are they? they are tiny personal computers with communications functions. I find it a very useful tool to have, my android phone. Still on pay as you go though, contracts are a rip off. Since it has wifi, the net access is fine.
  13. Haha, it comes to no surprise that the BBC once again is talking rubbish.
  14. It also sounded like he thinks he is the next prophet of the lord or something. Don't believe a word he says.
  15. I always use the bus as I can't drive. So I guess this topic isn't really for me. What I will say though, is that those cards would be VERY useful. Buying a weekly or monthly ticket online and adding it to the card, instead of messing about in the morning. Might also stop those morons using £10 to pay a £1.90 fair (like this morning, sheesh!)
  16. There are LOTS of opportunities for under 25s. Too many in fact. Every time we get opportunities through, it is always for the under 25s. And as proven many a time, these opportunities are mostly squandered by the young. What a waste of time. Plenty of over 25s out there that are actually skilled for the job, and actually want to work. Instead of not turning up for interviews, not turning up for work, and not screwing around.
  17. I liked the one at graves park quite a bit back, anything like that on this time around?
  18. That is pretty cool, thanks for sharing. Always nice to see something early in the morning that brings a smile to your face. Sets you up for the rest of the day!
  19. You people really need to lighten the hell up, geez.
  20. The bus that they get on which is usually diverted, was not diverted at all on that day. ---------- Post added 17-04-2014 at 12:40 ---------- Sorry that I left you longing for me, guys.
  21. Hehe I'm glad I could be of help to you, sir :-)
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