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  1. I have not gone to subway since they opened up all over the place. Used to frequent when I was at uni, was sort of a novelty back then as we only had one in Sheffield. A shame they have rid of the bacon etc, but since a few of them are in minority areas; they have to cater to that area. Makes good business sense. Chinese places that open here cater to the British, and serve dishes that cater to local tastes here. That is how the food biz works.
  2. Hi folks, does anybody work at ASOS in Grimethorpe if so, what would you recommend is the quickest way to get there via public transport. Thanks.
  3. Honestly with encryption stuff, I wouldn't trust open source so much. Just about anyone can edit and look at the code. I would go for big name software for that sort of thing, such as becrypt and symantec encryption desktop (for example). I'm not disrespecting truecrypt though, it is a good bit of software, and free at that. It is just.... you need to be wary of it is all.
  4. And the "this program has stopped working" with a green loading bar that looks for something and then only offers to close the offending application. The thing with programmers is, most of them only know that language, lacking communication skills and the ability to form sentences. This is why in every bit of software, you don't get error messages that are actually of any use.
  5. Almost? well considering you went with my suggestion.... anywho, if you search like I suggested, you might find something better, some good results came up https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=windows+movie+maker+alternatives&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=rcs&gfe_rd=cr&ei=QBRiU5WmDaPR8ge32YDoCQ ---------- Post added 01-05-2014 at 10:32 ---------- Also this (as I also suggested) http://alternativeto.net/software/windows-movie-maker/?platform=windows
  6. It won't be difficult to make your own converter, so save some dosh. My neogeo setup is not as impressive as yours; all my arcade gaming is done via MAME. But my PC and sound equipment is awesome (had to add some willy waving also!)
  7. People don't come on here to write out essays to be approved by an English tutor, they come here to talk about various topics. It is not a formal place, and you don't have a right to comment on other peoples spelling and grammar. Especially considering a few people might have learning difficulties, or dyslexia; comments about spelling etc should be kept to ones self. Really it is trolling, and should be an offense, with a minimum banning of a week.
  8. Ram across two slots is better with dual channel mode.
  9. Becrypt can encrypt individual files and does not require the software to be installed to decrypt.
  10. Oh man that takes me back a bit. Seemed to be the standard error message for most things that went wrong. About as helpful as modern error messages, that still do not tell you anything useful.
  11. Try talking to them, rather than starting a war and killing them. They might cooperate and move on. It didn't work for Clint though. Start of with some small talk like "got wood?" or something like that.
  12. There where no reports of any Americans landing on the moon when I lived there.
  13. It means they are trying to make it look like positive things are going on to put their ratings up in time for the next election.
  14. Looking at the list of available things especially the "Intensive Jobcentre support" part; job centre staff are not trained enough for doing this sort of thing, they barley have any customer service skills. To top it off, job centres are not nice environments to go to every day, or spend a long time in. The staff are rude, front line staff are all security guards, and a cloud of contempt hangs over the places. What they should have done is outsource the third one. There are places better equipped with trained staff.
  15. They expect teachers to wipe kids bums now? What with all the Jimmying lately, I'm surprised that is allowed. It shouldn't even be expected for them to do so.
  16. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000314/?ref_=tt_cl_t1 this guy?
  17. Good to see posts about nice things on here. Have a look at the free hugs video on youtube!
  18. With the neogeo it is a case of potato, poh-tato as the MVS and AES where pretty much the same (and used the same rom data for most games). You can also use MVS carts on an AES via adapter and so on. And you can consoleise the MVS. :-)
  19. I don't see mastersystem game prices going NES scale. As for the arcade PCB, it will be harder to maintain than a mastersystem cart. If your soldering skills are decent though, then it wont be much of an issue.
  20. Your reading comprehension must be bad, or are you dyslexic? It was very easy to read, Mr Troll.
  21. Don't waste your money on Adobe licensing. You can do what you need for free, do some googling.
  22. I like to have a large selection of music on mine, as well as storing some files. I don't want to pay data charges for something I can store locally. I use some cloud on the PC for random items, but nothing of importance, I don't trust America's data policies. (In fact I don't trust ours either).
  23. We need a Sheffield one. But minus the rip off merchants that where at Leeds.
  24. Too much advertising and money grabbing in android games. And they seem to want to share everything on facebook. Annoying!
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